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  1. The number of terrorist victim killed by Islamists in the US far outnumbered the number of people killed by white male terrorists. Just 9/11 there were 2996 people killed. Adding up all the people killed by white male terrorists and you won't get close to 2996.
  2. So why are we having a giant deficit of $28 Billion when we no longer in a recession? According to most economic theories, you spend when you are in a recession in order boost the economy. Also, didn't Trudeau say that they will only have a deficit of $10 Billion each year? Another broken promise.
  3. From Vancouver Sun: TSN 1040, the longtime radio home of the Vancouver Canucks, has lost its broadcast contract with the team to Rogers Media. The news came in the form of a Twitter post on TSN Radio Vancouver’s official account. “Thank you @Canucks for 11 great seasons of hockey on #TSN1040,” it read. On Thursday morning, the Canucks confirmed they have signed a five-year agreement that will see Sportsnet deliver all Canucks games on Rogers radio beginning with next season. TSN 1040 had been broadcasting Vancouver Canucks games, as well as pre- and post-game shows, for more than a decade. Staff at the station had also been reassured contract negotiations were coming along smoothly and would be renewed, as TSN had put up a strong three-year bid. However, on Wednesday evening, the station announced the team had opted to move their broadcast contract over to Rogers Media, though it remains unclear where the game broadcasts will show up on the dial. Rogers Sportsnet has been carrying televised Canuck games since 1998. “The Canucks are the most sought-after content in the Vancouver market, and we are excited to expand our Sportsnet offering to deliver live Canucks coverage on all platforms,” Sportsnet president Scott Moore said in a statement. “Vancouver is a top Canadian market filled with loyal and knowledgeable sports fans, and is a natural fit to expand our Sportsnet offering.” Some have suggested the move to Rogers opens up the possibility for them to launch a sports-based radio station here in Vancouver, as Rogers owns the Toronto Blue Jays and would likely want to carry their broadcasts across the country on its own station. Currently, Rogers owns 55 radio stations across Canada, including News 1130, 96.9 Jack FM, and Kiss Radio here in B.C. “We have incredibly strong radio brands in the Vancouver market, and we are excited to build on our premium content with the acquisition of the Canucks games,” said Julie Adam, Rogers Media’s senior vice president of radio. “As we’ve seen with our Sportsnet radio stations in Calgary and Toronto, there is a strong appetite for live game coverage and top-tier sports content.” The Vancouver Canucks also call Rogers Arena their home ice.
  4. They are not The Beatles.
  5. None of them come close to the detail and depth of IMDB. IMDB gives the names of every actor, director, producer of every TV and movie made in history. No matter how obscure the person is. Its gives the episode guide of every TV show, all cast members, gives details of production and trivia. IMDB have the biographies of every actor, director, producer, and staff member. For example, nothing or very little on Harold Lloyd , Mannix, Peter Graves, etc. just to throw out some names. And some of the older TV shows have nothing on the message boards or months old comments.
  6. I missed the IMDB message boards where you can ask questions about some obscure movie or old movie or old TV shows. Someone will have a answer about the plot for example or something you don't understand. Or look up a favorite actor that passed on long time ago and read lots of comments on their past life.
  7. From CKNW: Surrey Creep Catchers president Ryan LaForge is now facing a third lawsuit. Plaintiff Sean Smith of Campbell River posted a video in December he claims criticized creep catchers vigilante groups in general. The next day, he alleges LaForge posted a video to 11,000 Facebook followers insinuating Smith was himself a pedophile. After that, he says LaForge posted pictures of Smith, with captions directly calling him a pedophile such as “I love the smell of kids in the morning.” “You cannot go online and accuse people of being this heinous thing without evidence, without proof, without the law enforcement and the court system saying you’re guilty of this crime.” Smith says this carried on for months and nothing has been deleted. “I continue to get death threats on a fairly regular basis, I get called a goof and a pedophile. As a social media educator that teaches kids, being called a pedophile is not really what you want to have in your marketing.” None of these allegations have been proven in court. “Bring it on” When asked for comment about the lawsuit, Surrey Creep Catchers president Ryan LaForge had three words: “Bring it on.” “I never once called him a pedophile. I said he looks like one.” In response to whether that could be interpreted as suggesting Smith was a pedophile, LaForge says had this to say: “If that’s how he wants to take it, he should stop protecting pedophiles, putting down our group, and trying to cover up the fact that he doesn’t agree with what we do by saying he does agree with what we do – but we should do it in another way. He is a pedophile supporter. And he can sue me, I don’t care.” LaForge says if anything, Smith is behind the war of words, by going online after Creep Catchers stings to make unfair accusations about him. “So every once in a while I’ll get annoyed with something that he’s made an accusation of or a claim. And then I’ll go live and I’ll tell him to [expletive] off.” “He’s put my name out there, he’s defamed me more than I’ve defamed him. He’s made assumptions, accusations, all kinds of things on his little page, more than I’ve done so with him.” READ MORE: B.C. privacy watchdog investigating Surrey Creep Catchers following complaint Asked if he would take down any of the allegedly defamatory material from social media, LaForge says “No, Never.” The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner is investigating multiple complaints about the Surrey Creep Catchers. With files from Bailey Nicholson, Simon Little and Emily Lazatin
  8. from CBC: Prime Minister Mark Rutte and anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders cast the elections as a litmus test for populism in Europe, only months ahead of crucial votes in France and Germany. Two-term premier Rutte's right-wing VVD party was leading in the latest polls, with the anti-Islam Party for Freedom of firebrand lawmaker Geert Wilders a close second. Coming after last's year British vote to leave the European Union and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump — two stunning successes for populists — Rutte now hopes to slow the momentum of what he called the "wrong sort of populism." "This is a chance for a big democracy like the Netherlands to make a point to stop this toppling over of the domino stones of the wrong sort of populism," Rutte said after his vote. Despite positive poll results in recent days Rutte was wary of the results. "There is still a risk that we wake up Thursday morning and seeing that Geert Wilders is leading the biggest party," he said. Wilders sought to dampen expectations for himself — but insisted that whatever the result of Wednesday's election, the kind of populist politics he and others in Europe represent will be here to stay. "The genie will not go back into the bottle. People feel misrepresented," he said, predicting this would show in elections later this year in France and Germany too. "Despite what the elite wants, politicians are getting strong who have a totally different concept of what the people want them to do," he said. Framed as continuity vs chaos by Rutte Rutte has framed the election as a choice between continuity and chaos, portraying himself as a safe custodian of the nation's economic recovery, while casting Wilders as a far-right radical who would not be prepared to make tough decisions. The chance of Wilders becoming leader in this country where the proportional representation voting system all but guarantees coalition governments is small — all mainstream parties, including Rutte's VVD, have ruled out working with Wilders. Wilders' one-page election manifesto includes pledges to close borders to immigrants from Muslim nations, shuttering mosques and banning the Quran, as well as taking the Netherlands out of the European Union. The final days of campaigning were overshadowed by a diplomatic crisis between the Dutch and Turkish governments over the refusal of the Netherlands to let two Turkish government ministers address rallies about a constitutional reform referendum next month that could give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more powers. It showed Rutte as refusing to bow to pressure from outside, a stance which has widespread backing in the nation. "It is my task to keep the nation safe and stable and deal with these kind of people," said Rutte.
  9. Jill Colvin and Jeff Horwitz, The Associated Press Published Tuesday, March 14, 2017 9:11PM EDT Last Updated Wednesday, March 15, 2017 3:58AM EDT So, what can we conclude from these tax returns? 1. He did pay taxes, (at least for 2005) contrary to his many detractors. 2. He pay more than the average American taxpayers with a tax rate of 24.5% higher than the 10% rate for the average American. But lower than the 27.4% rate for people earning more than $1 million. Another thing to note he is offsetting losses to lower income. Which is perfectly legal. Tax avoidance through loopholes, deductions, losses is perfectly legal. Tax EVASION is not legal. So many people confused the two, it is comical.
  10. Reminder it is time for DST tonight.
  11. from CKNW: I bet that guy has no money or any assets.
  12. from CKNW: The Vancouver Park Board has unanimously decided to have staff look into amending the Parks Control bylaw to prohibit the importation and display of live cetaceans. The Thursday decision follows the Vancouver Aquarium’s announcement to bring in new belugas before phasing out its’ cetacean research program and the display of belugas by 2029. On the table were four possible options, ranging from holding a plebiscite on captive cetaceans in the 2018 municipal election to keeping the situation as-is. The board will now instruct staff to investigate and report back on how best to implement the amendment by May 2017. Vancouver Aquarium CEO and President John Nightingale issued a statement, which reads in part: “For an enduring community organization founded by Vancouver residents, we feel the true essence of tonight’s topic was lost in the conversation. Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre has a rich 60-year history of inspiring Canadians, of saving marine mammals in distress and of leading groundbreaking research to understand the questions that continue to confound scientists, including why we are now losing one to two species every single day. While we debated the value of caring for and studying beluga whales, there is no debating that we are experiencing the biggest mass extinction since the age of dinosaurs.”
  13. I wonder how accurate these polls are given the high number of people with first language other than English in Vancouver and some suburbs.
  14. Another new poll: VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – With the provincial election just two months from today, a new poll shows a big difference of opinions between Metro Vancouver and the rest of BC. The latest numbers from Mainstreet-Postmedia show John Horgan’s NDP is in front with 29 per cent support overall which is three points ahead of the BC Liberals, while one-quarter of voters still remain undecided across the province. “What’s clear from our tracking so far is that a large amount of voters are still undecided making it tough to come to any conclusions on what election outcome we could expect today. What we do know is that the NDP is performing well but their vote is less solid than that of the Liberals,” explains Mainstreet Research President Quito Maggi. Support for Premier Clark drops to 21 per cent when you look here in the Lower Mainland, but when you exclude Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island, the Liberals have more love throughout the rest of BC. The latest poll also shows more than half of those surveyed would like to see minimum wage jump significantly to $15 an hour and that appears to be a sticking point for many. On this issue, British Columbians have clear opinions: 75 per cent say income assistance should be increased. Only 13 per cent back the government’s position they should be frozen while a small number, four per cent, say income assistance should be decreased. When it comes to the minimum wage many support a proposal to increase it to $15 an hour. Fifty-five per cent support the proposal across the province while 35 per cent oppose it and 10 per cent are not sure,” adds Maggi. The provincial election is slated for May 9th.
  15. In terms of economic policies there is very little difference between the Liberals and Conservative. Perhaps one party is more free spending than the other but basically they have same economic policies, especially regarding free trade. They do have differences in social policies in that the Liberals are progressive in areas like gay rights, abortions, woman, and human rights than the Conservatives.