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  1. From Toronto Star: In a human rights complaint made by their union, flight attendants allege they were marked on their appearance. “We have zero tolerance for discrimination or harassment,” said an Air Canada spokesperson. Air Canada flight attendants allege they were lined up in a hallway during training and marked on their appearance — their bodies, how they wear their uniform, their makeup, their nails. They were told their eyes were “too small” and their skin colour “too white,” according to a human rights complaint recently submitted by their union. The union complaint outlines issues during training related to grooming and appearance. It alleges that “cabin personnel are subjected to a demeaning public critique of their appearance” and, on planes, onboard management subject flight attendants to “highly sexualized harassing comments and conduct” and a “hostile and fearful work environment.”
  2. Tank Thread

    It will spare us the agony of watching the lottery where we always seem to drop 2 or more spots down. We don't have much luck in lotteries, we never go up the ladder, we always go down.
  3. The polls are meaningless because Federal Elections are not won on popular vote but by first past the post system. Since the Libs are doing well in Quebec; They win 60 out of 75 seats and they got a big jump. Worst case in Ontario, drops to 40 seats, they still get 60 + 40 = 100 seats in only 2 provinces. Now do the math: Quebec 60 seats Ontario 40 seats Maritime 25 seats BC 14 seats = 139 seats - almost a majority. Just need to pick up a few from other provinces, a majority.
  4. The Rifleman (Did you know?)

    I still watch the Rifleman almost everyday as the show is re-runned on METV (KVOS) at 3:00 pm Monday to Friday. Off screen Chuck Conners was a different person. From an interview with Johnny Crawford who played his son on TV: Q: Did you look to Chuck Connors as a father figure or as an acting mentor while on The Rifleman? A: Not really. I had great respect for him and I loved working with him but he was very different off screen. He was was incorrigible; a practical joker. It was fun all the time but he wasn’t a good influence on me aside from his acting. He used a lot of four letter words and he was very imposing. He loved intimidating people. I got a kick out of him.
  5. School Shooting In Great Mills Maryland

    It was not a police officer but an armed guard. The question is whether more schools should have armed guards to stop shooters from killing more people. It certainly did not help in the Florida school shooting where the guard did nothing to stop the gunman.
  6. Well, here is one for the history books. A hundred years from now, part of trivial games like Trivial Pursuit and Jeopardy will ask the question who was the first person killed by a driverless car. From ABC: An Uber self-driving car has hit and killed a woman crossing the street in Arizona, marking the first fatality caused by a fully autonomous vehicle and a potential blow to the technology expected to transform transportation. Uber said it was suspending North American tests of its self-driving vehicles, which have been going on for months in the Phoenix area, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto. Elaine Herzberg, 49, was walking her bicycle outside the pedestrian crossing on a four-lane road in Tempe, Phoenix at about 10:00pm on Sunday (local time) when she was struck by the Uber vehicle traveling at about 65 kilometres per hour, police said. The car was in autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel and police were unsure whether it slowed down before the collision. Ms Herzberg later died from her injuries in hospital, police said. Local television footage of the scene showed a crumpled bike and a Volvo XC90 SUV with a damaged front. Volvo confirmed its vehicle was involved in the crash but said the software controlling the SUV was not its own. The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and National Transportation Safety Board said they were sending teams to investigate the crash.
  7. From CTV: Drivers in Vancouver may have experienced some sticker shock while fueling up this weekend as prices jumped to a nearly-record-setting 1.549 cents a litre. Experts say the recent price spike is because area plants are down for maintenance and the supply can't keep up with demand. Dan McTeague with says prices will likely continue to rise. "We will probably hit the all-time high gasoline prices [of 155 cents a litre] seen on June 22, 2014," he said. "Perhaps as early as next week." The high prices have some motorists considering changes.
  8. Massive asteroid could hit Earth in 2135

    Darn! Just in time for Vancouver Canucks to win their first Stanley Cup.
  9. Fox did not pay OJ nor did they do the interview. It is an old interview done in 2006.
  10. Doug Ford - New Ontario PC Party Leader

    Is it already April 1, April's Fool Day? How did the heck did he win? The Ontario Liberals under Wynne must be dancing in the streets right now.
  11. Jut when you thought OJ Simpson has gone away for good, he is back in the spotlight again as FOX TV will air a "Hypothetical" Confession on Sunday. From the Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE - OJ Simpson 'confesses to murdering Nicole Brown with her own knife and confronting his ex about her alleged drug use and friendship with "hooker" Faye Resnick', in unaired TV special OJ Simpson to make dramatic claims in Fox special to air on Sunday evening The star runs through a hypothetical situation in which he killed his wife, Nicole Claims she was involved in a relationship with Faye Resnick and was using drugs OJ says that if he did kill his wife he did so after he was threatened with a knife The former football player says that Nicole's boyfriend Ron Goldman attacked him Orenthal James Simpson finally reveals how he would have hypothetically killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman on Sunday night, 12 years after first recording what will now air as the Fox special OJ: The Last Confession. has learned that in the special, Simpson says that he had become angry with Nicole in the weeks before the murders because of her alleged drug use and relationship with Faye Resnick, who he refers to as a 'hooker' and 'call girl.' Things reached a boiling point on the day of the murder when Simpson claims he was told by a doctor that Resnick and possibly even Nicole would be going to rehab while at a dance recital for his daughter Sydney. That night, he made the decision to go confront Nicole about this at her home, arriving with a friend he calls 'Charlie.' Things got heated when he saw a man he did not recognize arriving to meet Nicole, Ron Goldman. Then, while he and Nicole were yelling at one another, his ex fell over says Simpson, resulting in Goldman coming up to him while holding a knife from Nicole's home and threatening to fight him with karate. Simpson says that is when he blacked out and when he came to was covered in blood, so he quickly fled the scene with 'Charlie,' leaving his two children alone in the side the house while their dead mother lay fatally stabbed outside the door to her home. When the topic of his children came up however, Simpson suddenly got very sensitive, declaring: 'I'm sorry. I can't do no more of this. I cant do any more of this.' The segment begins by pointing out that though what the football player says is hypothetical, it is 'tantamount to a confession.' OJ: The Last Confession will air Sunday at 8pm on Fox. This special is siring a little over two years after the final installment of the ESPN documentary OJ: Made In America, in which Mike Gilbert claimed that Simpson told him he had not planned to kill his wife when he went to her home on June 12, 1994, and that she might still be alive if she had not answered the door with a knife in her hand. Gilbert later said he did not even believe this, and is convinced Simpson went to Nicole's home with the intention of murdering her over the fact that she had left him and was seeing his friend and protege Marcus Allen.
  12. Spring Ahead?

    I like the extra hour in the evening for going for a walk after school or work. Should keep it year round because it gets dark around 4:30 pm in the winter.
  13. When Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement in September 1938, the agreement was met with big support from the public because it avoided war with Germany then. Little did the public know Hitler will not to keep its promise not to invade other countries. As history showed, appeasement did not work but they did not know it at that time. Should Trump make a deal with Kim Jong Un, the effects may not be known for years. Like others said, Trump will be long gone before Kim Jon Un will be gone.
  14. There are no group winners in Noble Science awards. So your analogy with hockey players that win a win a Stanley Cup is incorrect. While every player on a Stanley Cup team is considered a Stanley cup winner, that is not the case with Noble Science awards. Only individuals can get the prize in Science which a lot of people says is unfair because it is usually a team effort. For the noble Peace Prize, however, groups can be nominated and have won before.
  15. Comparing prices in the UK to the prices in North America is like comparing apples to oranges since Europe is high everywhere but in North America there are huge variations. Here in Vancouver just drive south to the US 50 miles and you get gas way cheaper than local. Or drive out of Metro Vancouver and gas is cheaper. Where can you drive out of the UK where it is it encircled by water.