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  1. I don't often agree much with you but I agree 100% with you on this. I have little respect for a political party that not have the courage of conviction to stand by their principles. While I dislike the NDP, at least they are consistent with their policies throughout their history. Surely the knives must be out for Christy Clark in the BC Liberal Party. I don't see how can she retain her leadership amid this fiasco. Back in 2013 there was a movement to get rid of Clark had she lost the election. This movement may be back again. From Global News in 2013:
  2. The NDP were formerly the CCF and they WERE hard core Socialists. Over the years the NDP have soften their positions and like to be called Social Democrats. But they are still Socialists no matter what they pretend to be. Just look at the class warfare propaganda they use in their advertising. They attack the rich and say they are for the working class. They are pro-Union and anti-business and preach Social Justice. That is classic Socialist ideology. As for the BC Liberals, what a joke. Bunch of power hungry Hypocrites with no conviction. They ran against everything the NDP campaigned for and now practically adopt all of the NDP's program. Fine bunch of Conservatives they are; they are more like the Trudeau Liberals than anything with their big spending promises from their throne speech. Why vote for the phony BC Liberals when you can get the real thing with the NDP.
  3. Bill Cosby was very lucky. He almost got convicted as 10 of 12 jurors voted guilty. But there were 2 holdouts who refused to change their minds. I wondered who they were.
  4. There is a thirst for power among all political parties. No party goes out to lose an election. I would say the thirst for power is stronger with the NDP given they have not been in power for 16 years. The NDP will say and do anything to get power as we saw during the election when they promise no tolls without saying where the revenue lost would come from. And they made a deal with the Greens to grab power even though they had less seats than the Liberals.
  5. How would she know that the doctor does not speak English properly when she hasn't seen one yet?
  6. From CTV: Video of a woman demanding a "white doctor" for her son at a walk-in clinic in Mississauga, Ont. has gone viral, sparking outrage across the country. The video, which was recorded by a witness and posted online, shows the woman repeatedly demanding to see a white doctor in a four-minute argument with staff and patients at the clinic. "I would like to see a white doctor," the woman says at the beginning of the video, to a member of the clinic staff in the waiting room. Her son, who appears to be approximately eight years old, can be seen sitting quietly beside her. "You're telling me there's not one white doctor in this whole entire building?" she says. The clinic staffer can be heard explaining that a white pediatrician will be in at 4 p.m., but this does not appear to satisfy the woman. She continues to complain, claiming that she waited five-and-a-half hours to see a "brown doctor" whom she says did not help her child with his chest pains. "He was not speaking English. His teeth were brown. I do not need his help," she says in the video. The woman's complaints quickly draw the attention of others in the waiting room who accuse her of being racist. Several also suggest she take her child to a hospital, but she refuses, answering the suggestions with a racist slur. The woman becomes more agitated as the four-minute video progresses, eventually approaching the desk to repeat her demands for a white doctor. "Oh my God, what type of horrible country do I live in?" she says in the video. "Being a white person in this country, I should just shoot myself." Later in the video, she appears to back off her requirement that the doctor be white, and instead asks for one who was born in Canada. "My kid is part not-white, so can we get somebody to see him that at least speaks English?" she says. "I spoken (sic) English. We want somebody Canadian to see him." Hitesh Bhardwaj, who recorded the video in the waiting room, says the incident shocked him. "Seeing it so openly, without any fear, in front of so many people, without even fearing that someone can report her – it was really shocking," he told CTV Toronto. Bhardwaj, who immigrated to Canada from India five years ago, says he had "no doubt" that what happened at the clinic was wrong. He added that the incident troubled him "for the rest of the day." "it was a mixed feeling of being angry and being frustrated," he said. He can be heard arguing with the angry mother toward the end of the video, telling her that a doctor doesn't need to be white to speak English. A young woman also confronts the mother at an earlier point in the video. "Your child clearly has more issues with you being his mother than him needing to see a doctor," the young woman says. "You are extremely rude and racist." Bhardwaj hailed the young woman for her courage in intervening. "There was a very brave young girl who came right up to her face and said that you are racist and you shouldn't be doing those things," he said. The encounter ended without further incident, and the woman was escorted out of the waiting room. Peel police say they were called to the clinic Sunday afternoon for a "disturbance." Const. Mark Fischer said the caller reported a woman who was "being verbally aggressive" and demanding a "white doctor." "The officer found that no criminal offence has been committed or was in the process of being committed," Fischer told CTV Toronto. A doctor at the clinic eventually treated the boy, police said. Bhardwaj's video of the encounter has been viewed more than 20,000 times online since Sunday, when he says the incident occurred.
  7. From CBC: Prosecutors say they will retry Bill Cosby after a judge was forced to declare a mistrial in his sexual assault case because of a deadlocked jury unable to reach a unanimous verdict. "Our plan is to move this case forward as soon as possible," Montgomery County, Pa. district attorney Kevin Steele said in a news conference after the decision. The district attorney's office also tweeted that a new trial date would be set and that Cosby was out on bail. The disgraced actor remains charged with three counts of aggravated aggravated indecent assault Jurors spent six days and more than 50 hours deliberating on whether the 79-year-old star of popular 80s and 90s sitcom The Cosby Show drugged and assaulted Canadian woman Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee, in 2004. "We are confident that these proceedings have given a voice to the many victims who felt powerless and silenced," Constand's lawyer said in a statement on behalf of his client, thanking the jury for "their tireless efforts" and "sacrifice." cent assault. Cosby's wife of 53 years, Camille, released a seemingly hostile statement read by a member of her public relations firm. "How do I describe the district attorney? Heinously and exploitively ambitious. How do I describe the judge? Overtly arrogant and collaborating with the district attorney. How do I describe the counsels for the accusers? Totally unethical. How do I describe general media? Blatantly vicious."
  8. The jury is deadlocked but the judge says keep trying. Looks like there are some holdouts.. from CBC: Jurors are deadlocked after 30 hours of deliberations in the Bill Cosby sex assault trial, but the judge told them Thursday to keep trying to reach a unanimous decision. The panel deliberated about 30 hours over four days before telling Judge Steven O'Neill they couldn't reach a verdict on any of the three counts against the 79-year-old comedian. The judge sent them back to the jury room to keep talking. As deliberations continued into a fourth day, nerves are frayed, patience is shot and no one knows when it will all end. Some jurors appeared angry, the judge sounded exasperated and Canadian accuser Andrea Constand's mother broke down in tears Wednesday. The sequestered jury has been working late into the night since getting the case Monday, pausing a half-dozen times to revisit key evidence, including Cosby's decade-old admissions that he fondled Constand after giving her pills. O'Neill seemed vexed at times as the court staff struggled to answer the jury's requests. One batch of requested testimony hadn't even been transcribed yet.
  9. From CBC: For all the ways the judge in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial has streamlined the case inside the courtroom, the frenzy outside grows larger and wilder each day of jury deliberations. The media presence, large but manageable during five days of testimony last week, has ballooned as the verdict seems near. Hotel rooms are sold out for miles. Victim advocates grow in number on the courthouse steps, and the Cosby camp's spin grows louder. Cosby's lurid decade-old testimony about Canadian accuser read to jury Prosecutors rest case against Bill Cosby in sexual assault trial Cosby arrived Wednesday morning for the start the third day of jury deliberations in his sexual assault trial, entering the suburban Philadelphia courthouse on the arm of his spokesman. The panel, which already has deliberated 16 hours over two days, went straight to the jury room for the resumption of talks. Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt, who guides the vision-impaired Cosby throughout his day, has drawn throngs of cameras with his updates on Cosby's mood — "very confident," is a common refrain — and assertions that the 79-year-old comedian isn't getting a fair shake. On Friday, he took to the steps to float the idea that Cosby might testify when the defense case opened on Monday. It never happened, but the suggestion was enough to dominate the headlines just as prosecutors were closing their case with Cosby's damaging deposition testimony. "Cosby's team is trying to plant seeds of doubt about this trial with his fans so they don't abandon him. They're tugging on the heart strings of nostalgia," said David La Torre, who ran Penn State's public relations during the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. "Their parallel strategies make sense, given what's at stake for Mr. Cosby. He's fighting for his personal and professional lives." On Tuesday, as jury deliberations stretched into a second day without signs of a verdict, Wyatt steered reporters to a former colleague of accuser Andrea Constand who said Constand had once suggested she would try to set up a famous man to get money. The judge had barred her hearsay testimony from the trial, but Wyatt made sure her statement got out. Constand alleges Cosby gave her three sedatives he claimed were an herbal remedy and then groped her breast and genitals while she was paralyzed and unable to fight him off. Cosby said he was in a romantic relationship with the young staffer on the women's basketball team at his alma mater, Temple University, and that the encounter was consensual. "If he's found guilty, his estate would likely take an enormous financial hit that would devastate his family. That's why their approach makes practical sense, even if it makes some feel uncomfortable," La Torre said. Jurors appeared tired and spent when they decided to call it quits late Tuesday after about 16 hours of deliberations. They'll resume Wednesday morning. The judge praised them for being remarkably conscientious as they consider three counts of felony aggravated indecent assault that could put Cosby in prison for the rest of his life. The jury's day began Tuesday by reviewing more than a dozen passages from Cosby's decade-old deposition, including his telling Constand the pills were "three friends" to make her relax.
  10. In the NFL they have a video replay system that confirm or disallow scoring plays. They should have a similar system in the NHL since it is clearly a good goal.
  11. I will always remember Adam West as the Batman I watched growing up in the 1960's. Much of the humor and pop references escaped me as a kid and only later in life did I understood it. Many of the actors who appeared either as villains or made cameo appearances were stars of the day or from the past. R.I.P.
  12. from CTV: Maryclaire Dale And Michael R. Sisak, The Associated Press Published Wednesday, June 7, 2017 9:11AM EDT Last Updated Wednesday, June 7, 2017 1:48PM EDT NORRISTOWN, Pa. -- Bill Cosby's chief accuser on Wednesday denied they had a romantic relationship before he allegedly drugged and assaulted her at his suburban Philadelphia home. The defence resumed its cross-examination of Toronto native Andrea Constand one day after she broke her long public silence about Cosby by testifying that the comedian gave her three blue pills and then violated her with his fingers in 2004 as she lay paralyzed, unable to tell him to stop. Cosby lawyer Angela Agrusa suggested that Constand, a 44-year-old former employee of the basketball program at Temple University, once enjoyed a romantic dinner at Cosby's home before the alleged assault. "You were sitting by the fire. The room was dark. There was a nice mood ...," Agrusa began, paraphrasing Constand's 2005 statement to police. "I don't know what that means," Constand said. "The lights were dim and the fire was going," the lawyer continued. "I don't really remember how dim the lights were, but I did have to eat my dinner," Constand said. Agrusa also spent a painstaking hour going over Constand's phone records, hoping to show she changed her mind about the date she says Cosby assaulted her. Cosby arrived at the courthouse Wednesday accompanied by actress Sheila Frazier, who starred with him in the 1978 comedy "California Suite." Frazier was accompanied by her husband, John Atchison, a celebrity hairstylist whose clients include Cosby and his wife, Camille. Cosby, 79, is charged with aggravated indecent assault. The comedian once dubbed America's Dad could get 10 years in prison if convicted. Constand managed the women's basketball team at Temple, Cosby's alma mater, while he was a high-profile trustee. She said on Tuesday that she felt her continued friendship with Cosby after the alleged assault was important to the school's athletic department. His lawyers have tried to poke holes in Constand's story, citing differences between her courtroom testimony and the accounts she gave to police and in a lawsuit in 2005. The defence has argued the two had a romantic relationship, that Constand wasn't incapacitated and that the sexual encounter was consensual. The defence has pointed out that phone records show Constand called Cosby 53 times after she says he assaulted her. Constand told the jury the calls mostly involved the women's basketball team, especially around tournament time. Before Tuesday, Constand had never spoken about Cosby in public, barred from doing so under the terms of a confidential settlement they reached in 2006. Her deposition from that lawsuit remains sealed. Some 60 women have come forward to say Cosby sexually violated them, all but destroying his nice-guy image, but the statute of limitations for prosecution had run out in nearly every case. Constand's case is the only one in which Cosby has been charged. The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are sexual assault victims unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.
  13. from CKNW: MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Gunshots and explosions erupted after midnight in a hotel and casino complex near Manila’s airport, sending hundreds fleeing into darkened streets early Friday in chaos that appeared linked to a Muslim militant siege in the country’s south. The Islamic State group, in a quick communique, took responsibility for the attack. Philippine police rushed to the Resorts World Manila complex early Friday after gunshots rang out and witnesses reported gunmen barging in at a mall in the commercial center, where whitish smoke began billowing from an upper floor. Witnesses reported seeing injured people, including a SWAT member, who rushed to the scene and was reportedly fired upon by unidentified men. It was not immediately clear if anyone was killed, or if the attack had concluded. Resorts World Manila said in its Facebook account that it was “currently on lockdown following reports of gunfire from unidentified men,” adding “the company is working closely with the Philippine National Police to ensure that all guests and employees are safe.” “We ask for your prayers during these difficult times,” the company said. Philippine police have not given details about the incident but have begun cordoning off the area near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. “I heard many, many gunshots,” Julio Silva, a casino player who managed to dash out of the mall complex amid the gunfire, told DZMM radio network. Silva said he saw a SWAT member who was shouting “I was hit, I was hit.” A DZMM radio reporter on the scene said she saw two ambulances ferrying two people away, one with a bandage on the leg and another in wheelchair. As news of the attack spread, U.S. President Donald Trump offered the thoughts and prayers of the American people to the Philippines. “It is really very sad as to what’s going on throughout the world with terror,” he said from the White House Rose Garden. He said he is “closely monitoring the situation” and will continue to provide updates. The violence is unfolding amid a 10-day deadly siege by Muslim militants aligned to the Islamic State group in the southern city of Marawi. The attack has sparked fears that the militants may attack elsewhere to divert the focus of thousands of troops trying to quell the siege. The SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S. terrorism monitor, said an Islamic State-linked Filipino operative who provides daily updates on the ongoing clashes in Marawi, claimed that “lone wolf soldiers” of the Islamic State group were responsible for the attack at Resorts World Manila. An English message by the operative was distributed across several pro-IS Telegram chat groups, SITE said. According to SITE, he wrote: “The lone wolf soldiers of Khilafah attack the heart of Kufar the city of Manila in Resort World.” President Rodrigo Duterte sent soldiers to the southern Philippines to end the siege by about 500 militants. Officials say 120 militants and at least 25 soldiers, five policemen and two dozen civilians have been killed in the fighting since Tuesday last week. Duterte declared martial law in the Mindanao region, the southern third of the Philippines, to crush the insurrection, and poured in troops backed by airstrikes, artillery fire and armored vehicles.
  14. McKenzie King had a minority government in 1925 and Lord Byng the GG, refused King's request for a new election and asked the opposition to form government instead. It was a big scandal back then because Lord Byng was British and ruled from England. After the Westminster Act 0f 1931, the GG no longer ruled from England.
  15. Yes, that's true but that is only if is a strong coalition government exists like what happened in Ontario in 1985. The PCs won a minority government but the NDP and Liberals formed a coalition with a majority of 22. Here in BC it is a majority of one: 44-43. Or a tie if you throw in the speaker.