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  1. There was a campaign to change the name of the Washington Redskins but the owner refuses to do so.  Anything new in the campaign to change the name?
  2. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    I bet he will win the lawsuit too.  Jury trials are notorious for giving huge sums for this type of lawsuits.
  3. Ahmed Builds a Clock

    From the CBC: Attorneys for a 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested after the homemade clock he took to his Dallas-area school was mistaken for a possible bomb said Monday he was publicly mistreated and deserves $15 million US. A law firm representing Ahmed Mohamed sent letters Monday demanding $10 million from the city of Irving and $5 million from the Irving Independent School District. The letters also threaten lawsuits and seek written apologies. Ahmed Mohamed leaves Texas school after clock arrest Ahmed took his clock to school in September, and an educator thought it could be a bomb. Ahmed was arrested but never charged. He was suspended from school. "What has happened to this family is inexcusable," Kelly Hollingsworth, an attorney for Ahmed and his family, said in an email. "As indicated in the letters, the long term effects on Ahmed are incalculable." Meribeth Sloan, a spokeswoman for Irving said the city is reviewing its letter and has no comment. The district didn't immediately return a message Monday. The family accepted a foundation's offer to pay for Ahmed's education in Qatar and moved to the Persian Gulf country. He had visited Qatar during a whirlwind several weeks following the incident that even included a stop at the White House. Hollingsworth said Ahmed and his younger siblings have found schools in Qatar, but his older sisters, who are 17 and 18, have not. "Ahmed is very gratified by all of the support that he has received, but just like his siblings and his parents, he misses Texas. It is his home," Hollingsworth said.    
  4. What I am saying is organized crime is always around, whether pot is legalized or not.   People who use the argument that organized crime will be weakened with the legalization of pot are naïve.
  5. When prohibition ended in the 1930's, organized crime just moved to other illegal stuff.   Don't worry, organized crime will do fine.
  6. Charlie Sheen Is HIV Positive

    Its a legit story because reputable news outlets are also reporting the news.   According to multiple reports, Charlie Sheen will reveal that he is HIV positive on the “Today” show Tuesday morning. Sheen is set to make a “revealing personal announcement” on the “Today” show Tuesday morning, the NBC morning show announced in a Monday press release, stating that the “Two and a Half Men” alum will sit down with Matt Lauer for an exclusive interview, live from Studio 1A in New York City. Following the Tuesday morning broadcast, Sheen’s revealing interview will be available on Though NBC did not specify what Sheen’s announcement would entail, the National Enquirer reports the actor is HIV positive. TMZ also reports that sources close to “Today” say Sheen will reveal that he is HIV positive, as does People. “It’s been going on for quite awhile. He’s not necessarily comfortable talking about it. It was very hard to get up the courage for him to talk about it,” publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman told People, adding that Sheen is getting treatment and many people close to him know about the diagnosis.  
  7. Shooting & Explosions in France

    from the CBC: Canada's new defence minister, Harjit Sajjan, says the country must contribute to the defeat of ISIS, but he rejected the idea that Canadians should be afraid of the jihadist organization. "ISIS is a threat, no doubt about that. Should we fear it? No. The Canadian population should have full confidence in all the security services to keep us safe." Perhaps we should stick our heads in the sand.  That is what we get from inexperienced politicians.      
  8. Shooting & Explosions in France

    Would you rather be dead than lose your freedom of speech?  Under Bill-51 there is no loss of freedom despite the propaganda of the leftists.   If you were not a terrorist what are you afraid of?
  9. Shooting & Explosions in France

    Canada's new Defence Minister said that Canada is not in danger from ISIS.  It is important because under the Liberals there will be less attention paid to terrorism.  And the Liberals said they will water down Bill-51.  So there it will be difference depending who is in charge.
  10. Unless the Republicans win the White House there will be no Keystone XL project since Hilary Clinton is also against it.
  11. Funny you mentioned 54 because Bob Rennie, the well known realtor, in the Vancouver Sun says he always have a 5 and a 4 on his licence plate because it sounds like "no death" in Chinese. BTW, I also have a 54 on my licence plate.  Never knew it meant "no death".  I think I will keep it.
  12. Conversely, do condos on the lucky 7th and 8th (lucky for Chinese people) floors sell for a premium?  Or do they sell out faster?
  13. Finally, the City is acting on the overheated housing market.  Maybe now we can get cheaper prices on the 4th, 13th, and 14th floors
  14. From CTV news: The city of Vancouver has issued a bulletin requiring developers to abstain from omitting certain floor numbers from new buildings in an effort to simplify the work of first responders. In short, the days of skipping 'unlucky' numbers such as 4 and 13 are numbered. As of Oct. 20, the city requires all new buildings to follow a consecutive, increasing number system for floor and suite lettering. Simply put: you can't skip any numbers Existing buildings that have avoided a traditional numbering system may be required to change numbers on a case-by-case basis. Certain buildings across Vancouver have omitted the number four or 13 from floors and suites as part of a cultural trend against "bad luck." Thirteen has been long considered an unlucky number in Western culture. There's even a phobia called triskaidekaphobia where sufferers will avoid any use of 13. In Chinese culture, the number four is considered unlucky due to its pronunciation sounding similar to "death." "Four, 13 any other number people want to skip for whatever reason, we're putting back in and basically putting a normal mathematical sequence of numbers into a building design," said Pat Ryan, the city's chief building officer. Ryan says the range of numbering formats was complicating the work of first responders and making it harder to respond. "Particularly when they're doing external entry into a building, the last thing you need is them having some confusion over what floor they're responding to," he said. "We are just ensuring we don't have confusion at a critical point of time when you don't want confusion." Real estate marketer Bob Rennie says the practice has long affected how companies construct buildings. "For years, four has been left out," he said. "It's just something that is long overdue." However, he doesn't expect the new rule to assuage the city's demanding real estate market. "The big question is 'Is this going to hurt real estate?' Absolutely not," he told CTV Vancouver
  15. Congratulations and Good Luck!