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  1. bieksa has been a star. too bad don cherry still can't pronounce his name properly...
  2. love the burr
  3. i hope you enjoy reading this cause i want you to waste as much time as possible making yourself look like a donkey's anus.

  4. How long until I break out of my rookie status?

  5. why is this unpinned?!!! PIN THIS AGAIN!!!! plzzzzzzzz if burrows hasn't seen this yet then we need to get it to the point where he will take notice!
  6. Burrows makes space for the twins every game! even if he doesnt hit the score sheet he is doing his job well!
  7. Yah Burrows. Do the parrot! It's a freaken parrot! Burrows is ok I guess...
  8. I think Elliott will be a sleeper goalie this year. He has the #1 spot this yr in Ott. also Howard should be top 5.
  9. how few CDCers know how the salary cap works....

    1. moz


      explain it to me, i don't actually know.

    2. :D


      I don't, is it something they wear?

  10. its getting even better every day!
  11. YAHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  12. hey OP, look what burrows can do with a single fart!
  13. double post....