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  1. Loser. Give me the link to the thread that you claimed to have invaded a mass messageboard.


  2. Bowl cut?! Have you been watching Peter Chao?!?!

  3. Go back to playing starcraft you idiot or go play some checkers you don't know sh!t about hockey btw tell your mom that she cuts your hair pretty nice!! like that bowl cut. suits your lameass

  4. Bradford, you were offering 10:1 odds Canucks make it out of first round. I will take you up on that. Please respond.

  5. OMG Snow?

    so are all those x's in your screen name.
  6. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    I'm starting to think all the Alex Burrows band wagoners are getting out of control. Nobody can say A.Burrows has had a poor season but lets get real here you guys. This is probably a prime example of a flukey season and I know for a fact A.Burrows will not be able to keep this pace going into next year and the years after. I like A.Burrows work ethic but thats just about it. Now that he's on the 1st line, he's started to lax off by not playing the gritty style that made him an asset to the canucks. I'm gonna be blunt and it might hurt some of your feelings but its the truth Burrows is a one trick pony. If you've looked most of his goals 90% of them are garbage goals reminiscent of A.Carter Once Burrows begins to struggle you'll all start to turn on him but don't tell me I didn't tell you so And A.Burrows is not a $2 million dollar player 1.2.-1.3 MAX.
  7. Okay.... understand that you might want to trade Wellwood and SOB, but why trade Hordichuk?