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  1. Baby Lucic? Oh god are you going to be disappointed. Jake is horrible with the mits off. He had Prust teaching him how to just tie people up if someone comes after him the other day. He's never and will never be known as a fighter. Nevermind a top10 heavyweight. Purely from a style standpoint not production, he will be far more like Rick Nash with some Cory Perry edge to his game than ever will be a tough guy like Lucic.
  2. Only like 9 months....
  3. Wondered how long until Hellebuyck was brought up. Demko Subban Hellebuyck Gibson Vasilievsky Would be my top 5. Markstrom on a prospect list at 25 is pretty ridiculous
  4. No. It's Kesler, Forsling and Bieksa For Sutter, McCann, Sbisa, 3rd
  5. Did Higgins and Vrbata just evaporate?
  6. No he's replacing Cal O'Rielly in Utica.... There's already a full complement of NHL forwards when you account for JB saying they want to carry 8 D next year.
  7. Jensen and Kassian are both in different ways out of favor with the front office. They've commented publicly about their issues with them. Clearly not the building blocks going forward. Jensen looks just as likely to never make it as he is too make it at best. Virtanen and Jensen can also both play LW. And there's a very easy case to make that Virtanen is better on the left side. Drafting by position is how you end up with no NHL talent in your system. To be a successful franchise long term taking the BPA is an absolute must. Not everyone makes it, players get traded, team needs change, and lots of players can change position. Drafting for positions is not only dumb, it's self destructive.
  8. He can't sign an extension until July 1
  9. Because everyone pegs him as a top10 can't miss guy in this draft. And that's everything that's wrong with NHL hockey. About 15-20 guys who have SIGNIFICANTLY more talent and ability will be drafted after him simply because he's 6'4" and Canadian. If Rantanen's last name was Crouse he'd be part of the McEichel convo. Crouse is WIDLY overrated, he could EASILY be the next Kyle Beach. Big bust potential IMO.
  10. Same thing your basing him being a #2 guy off if. I think he's the 4th best C in the draft. And tho not a franchise player he's a #1. If not for the injury he's right there in the conversation with Strome and Marner. He has elite playmaking skills and makes people around him better.
  11. Barzal is a 70-80pts playmaking C. He's a #1.
  12. What is wrong with you? Don't like 1st line C's?
  13. Franchise goalie? XD i LOVE Lack, I want him to stay. But c'mon... 28yr old goalie who's never been a starter. He's not a "franchise goalie." Could he be a solid top20 starter? Absolutely. 31st for an almost completely unproven asset, at 28 with 1yr before UFA is a great return. Anything more is day dreaming.
  14. And Chi won their 3rd cup. Don't think they regret it.
  15. SJ wants to shake up the core. But Thornton and Marleau won't waive? Let's take 9 and Couture off the table for realism sake. A deal like Bieksa, Lack, Weber, Bonino for Pavelski and Braun makes a lot if sense IMO. SJ is real low on Braun and he's got a hit of 3.8. Pavelski is really the only "core" guy they can move. They get a vet RH D, a quality 3C for them to fill Pabelski's spot. Give themselves a goalie and another vet RH D. Shake up their core, shores up blueline depth, gets their goalie, unloads a contract they don't like at this point. Van lands a top6 C, and a RH FO man they are desperate for. Braun tho a bit high on cap saves them money on Bieksa/Weber while maintains depth on the right side with proven NHL experience and allows room for Corrado and Clendening on the roster. At the very least Higgins would have to move and likely more to make $ work on the cap. Potential line up of. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Baertschi Pavelski Kassian Burrows Horvat Hansen Kenins Vey Dorsett Grenier Edler Braun Sbisa Tanev Hamhuis Corrado Stanton Clendening