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  1. I sincerely hope it's Buffalo. I sort of feel a connection to their fans since they came into the league with the same expansion draft and, as such have been suffering the exact same number of years. I think they'll finish last, but they could always fall to 2nd (operating under the assumption that no draft lottery rules are changing). I really don't want Connor McDavid to land in Calgary. That's basically worst case scenario.
  2. Bonino and Vrbata > Booth and Kesler
  3. What? Many were predicting the Blue to win the Cup. They were fourth in the league...
  4. He says his favourite goalie is Dan Cloutier. That does not bode well.
  5. The only thing that gives me hope is Benning's relationship with Iginla and Boston's inability to sign him. Benning would need to convince him that we're a contender, and Iginla puts us one step closer. I'm probably crazy, but I could imagine us being really good next season if Benning can sign the right guys to the right contracts. We have almost $18 million in cap space, around $6 million will probably go to resigning RFAs. That leaves us enough space to sign a couple of good free agents. If we could sign Iginla and another difference-maker, and have some of the young guys step up and the Sedins return to point-per-game form, we could be pretty good. Probably not Stanley Cup good, but competitive.
  6. The next Chara...?
  7. Maybe they think that Markstrom could benefit from another year in the AHL.
  8. I hate to be that guy, but....maybe you didn't get it? There's a coherent story wrapped up in its symbolism. The epigraph lets you know that it's not meant to be taken literally: "Chaos is order yet undeciphered". [spoilers] Both of Gyllenhaal's characters are the same guy, one of the women is his wife, the other is his mistress. [/spoilers] It's been a while since I saw it, so I don't remember the specifics, but I'm sure you can find a good analysis online if you want one. I wasn't a *huge* fan and it definitely isn't for everyone, but 2/10 is pretty harsh. I would give it a 7. Watch it if you like Mulholland Drive. It's for pretentious cinephiles.
  9. Godzilla - 8.5/10 It really couldn't have been much better. I wish I had gone in IMAX, though.
  10. 2nd degree kidnapping, 3rd degree assault. Of course, he's previously been convicted of 1st degree robbery.
  11. Sports Illustrated is reporting it, too. If this is a hoax, it's the strangest hoax ever.
  12. Avalanche statement: Patrick Roy was arrested for domestic assault on Oct 22, 2000. Now his goalie was arrested for the same thing on October 30, 2013. That's some Illuminati stuff. At least it should help my hockey pool.
  13. I just hope that limited no-trade clause is pretty limited. Won't it be fun when they want to rebuild in a couple of years and none of our good players can be traded?
  14. It's an awesome album, but I had already heard most of the songs in one way or another. It took them forever to make that. MGMT is alright, but definitely their weakest album. Anyone listen to new Said the Whale, Grouplove or Someone Still Love You Boris Yeltsin?
  15. In A World... - 8/10 Drinking Buddies - 7/10