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  1. (Article) Mike Burnstein fired!

    8 Pages of commentary for a relieving trainer? Seriously? This team peaked 5 years ago and housecleaning of players previously deemed untouchable or essential to prior success has been in full swing for three seasons (Luongo, Schneider, Salo, Kesler, Bieksa, Lack, etc) plus the overhaul in management this week but this is worth eight pages of comments?!? 20 years ago Pavel Bure's knee injury was mismanaged by the Canucks training staff and it cost him half his career. Just saying...
  2. I don't know how but apparently Mark Messier recently had an award named after him called the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award. The qualifications for winning require a player to be "the player who exemplifies great leadership qualities to his team, on and off the ice, during the regular season." I realize he is a HOF player. He was incredible with the Oilers, he is largely responsible for recruiting most of them to wear NY Rangers jerseys in 1994 and the Rangers fan base see him as a savior. But as a Canucks fan, he is the antithesis of the very qualities his award is suppossed to reward. He came to this team out of spite and malice to punish the owners of the NY Rangers, the Dolans. Patrick Ewing of the Knicks got a huge contract from them that off season and he felt slighted so he took the huge money from VanCity as a proverbial FU. Great leaders usually turn tail and bolt for the money, right? During his 3 seasons, he proceeded to alienated Bure and Mogilny and hindered and crippled their success in favor of his own. He ostracized and banished Trevor Linden, so he could be the leader of "his" team. Linden, who in 1997 was already beloved as the true heart of the Canucks, both by fans and ownership. He forced a system of hockey this team couldn't play under Mike Keenan. He asked for trades for the wrong bit players to surround him. Then he moped like a child until the Rangers claimed Mea Culpa and resigned him. That's the player the NHL chooses to be a benchmark for "exemplifing great leadership qualities to his team'? How do you defend his actions while playing in Vancouver then? "On and off the ice?" He did nothing for the community. Quite the opposite from everything I can find during his tenure in Vancouver. "During the regular season," Well that makes sense, since his time here certainly never allowed this team for thrive in the post season. I know I'm biased and I may even be pandering to the people who will read this but shouldn't this be the Trevor Linden Leadership Award? He led the NHLPA. He's shown time and again to be the heart and soul of his team both on and off the ice in VanCity, Montreal, Long Island, Washington D.C. and again in Vancouver. I've never heard a competitor speak ill of him as a player or a man and any further credentials can be seen in his humble, undocumented charity works that only even came to light during his retirement ceremony! Am I wrong CDC?
  3. List Your 8 all time fav Canucks..

    Bure Salo Linden Lumme Greg Adams Gradin McLean Whoever scores the goal that finally allows me to see my beloved Canucks hoist Lord Stanley's mug!
  4. Why Are You A Canuck?

    I grew up on Long Island playing hockey in the 80's and was bullied by superior athletes who all rooted for the Islanders and Rangers. I chose to root for the team furthest away so I could celebrate "my" hockey team without those losers enjoying and infringing on it. Petty and juvenile, I agree. But it's been 26 seasons and I'm still bleeding Black and red and yellow (and then navy, maroon and silver and now Green and Blue)
  5. [PGT] Nucks 2 vs Bruins 1

    The last three wins by this team were against teams they lost to in the SCF. Just an random fun fact.
  6. Name That Canuck!

    Yes it is. Good on ya
  7. Name That Canuck!

    Or this handsome devil?
  8. Name That Canuck!

    I own the game worn jersey as well.
  9. Name That Canuck!

    Sundstrom. Sundstrom
  10. thinks the 2010/11 Canucks have the best tooled team in their 40 year existence.

  11. Game worn jerseys, what do you have ?

    Game worns: Pavel Bure from 93/94 that has been registered with MeiGray Trevor Linden Photomatched Gradient Orca Greg Adams jersey from Trevor Linden's retirement with the #16 patch Photomatched Luongo Navy Orca Luc Bourdon Preseason white #40. Only one he ever wore. Tommy Maxwell Black Moose with LB4 patch from their Calder Cup Finals season Oh and the greatest collection of Sami Salo game worn jerseys in the world. Currently at 11 separate styles. Photos found here:
  12. Can you imagine a healthy Pavel Bure circa 1994 in today's NHL? He'd score 100 goals and be the greatest Russian Player Ever.