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  1. 8 Pages of commentary for a relieving trainer? Seriously? This team peaked 5 years ago and housecleaning of players previously deemed untouchable or essential to prior success has been in full swing for three seasons (Luongo, Schneider, Salo, Kesler, Bieksa, Lack, etc) plus the overhaul in management this week but this is worth eight pages of comments?!? 20 years ago Pavel Bure's knee injury was mismanaged by the Canucks training staff and it cost him half his career. Just saying...
  2. Yes it is. Good on ya
  3. Or this handsome devil?
  4. I own the game worn jersey as well.
  5. Sundstrom. Sundstrom
  6. thinks the 2010/11 Canucks have the best tooled team in their 40 year existence.

  7. Game worns: Pavel Bure from 93/94 that has been registered with MeiGray Trevor Linden Photomatched Gradient Orca Greg Adams jersey from Trevor Linden's retirement with the #16 patch Photomatched Luongo Navy Orca Luc Bourdon Preseason white #40. Only one he ever wore. Tommy Maxwell Black Moose with LB4 patch from their Calder Cup Finals season Oh and the greatest collection of Sami Salo game worn jerseys in the world. Currently at 11 separate styles. Photos found here:
  8. Can you imagine a healthy Pavel Bure circa 1994 in today's NHL? He'd score 100 goals and be the greatest Russian Player Ever.