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  1. Remy

    [Article] Winners and Hughes-ers

    So, a few quick thoughts. I will try to be constructive and not mean or dismissive. I'll start with the article's title. "Winners and Hughes-ers" falls short mostly because it doesn't make sense. The expression it mimics is "Winners and Losers", and by putting Hughes' name in place of "losers" you're implying something that you probably don't intend: that Hughes is a loser. You have to be aware of the connotation of the phrase that you're trying to appropriate. Formatting is important. You have structured your article into paragraphs, but treat your paragraph heading as a sentence: "Quinn Hughes. As much as he ..." This is a confusing layout and doesn't read intuitively. It would look better laid out like this: "Quinn Hughes As much as he ..." If you're serious about writing articles, you need to edit. "As much as he wants to be in the NHL and dress for the Canucks. He wants to make an impact when he does." You've got back-to-back sentence fragments here. If you want people to take your writing seriously, you need to catch stuff like that. Lastly, you make some assertions that are simply unfounded. You can't make a statement like "Elite talents like Hughes don't just focus on making the NHL." There is no way you can know that to be true, and it's a blanket generalization that many readers probably find jarring. I would recommend focusing on doing some of your own analysis. In your article, you don't really introduce any information that isn't widely known. As someone that isn't an insider, it's difficult to get around this. What you can do, however, is analyze the situation or make educated predictions. It would take me too long to get into more detail, but study some reputable articles and focus on this, I think you'll see what I mean.
  2. Benning just confirmed on TSN that no picks were offered for Vanek. So those of you that are all "rawr why no picks?" can calm the hell down.
  3. Remy

    Its time to trade Chris Tanev

    I can't take you or your post seriously when you don't even know that our GM is Jam Banning.
  4. I don't understand the mentality of people claiming that this is bad asset management from the Canucks. Let's be clear: Hutton has played his way out of the lineup, it's as simple as that. Barring a crystal ball, what did you expect the Canucks to do? Why would they trade him last year when his "value was high"? This is solely on Hutton, stop blaming management.
  5. Remy

    What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    Honestly, I see your point. Some of our vets definitely do need to play better.
  6. Remy

    What Are Your Thoughts of What A Rebuild Is?

    1) It's staying competitive so you don't foster a losing culture (like Edmonton's for many years). 2) It's not trading away veterans if there's no deal to be made. Particularly when the veteran has some control over when or if they're traded. 3, 4, 7) It's protecting your young players, not throwing them to the wolves. Let them develop properly or you end up with #1 - a losing culture. 5) I agree that the Torts signing was a nightmare. 6) It's trading high risk, low-round picks for high-reward prospects like Baertschi and Granlund.
  7. Remy

    I really don't. (It's not just a proposal)

    26 years old. Calls other people "kid". That's cute.
  8. Remy

    [Report] Canucks name Travis Green new head coach

    Yeah, I'll take a stab at it. I don't know how long you've been a fan of this team, but the answer to your question is within recent memory on our own team: Alain Vigneault. Back in 2006 the core of the 2011 Cup run was just starting to come together, and they were led by a coach that had minimal NHL experience. In fact, Alain was our AHL coach the year prior. I think it worked out just fine, don't you?
  9. Well, I guess we'll just have to tighten things up then!
  10. According to Sekeres, the conditional 4th round pick becomes a 1st if San Jose wins the Cup ... edit: now also confirmed by McKenzie.
  11. This is bugging me and I've seen you do it a few times now. It's not "Sedin's" in this context, it's just Sedins.
  12. Ryan Miller absolutely SLAMS critics of goaltending equipment with these 10 points, number 7 will shock you!
  13. What's crazy is that the season is over already. Seems like it just flew by this year.
  14. Remy

    Patrick Roy leaving Colorado [QUITS]

    With a track record like that, it's amazing he has kids!
  15. What's the point of reserving a post? Just post when you're ready. Or are you worried that your posts need to be as close to the main page as possible for e-points? No, seriously, if there are e-points at stake then I want in. My prediction is simple. We make the playoffs with a decent chance at seeing the second round. Huge bounce back year that sees the team become very competitive again. Young players take a step forward, new additions contribute, and our vets lead the way. It will NOT look like last season.