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  1. Hey, keep it down, would ya? I'm trying to watch the game over here!
  2. Just an alternative thought here, but if the current market is so bad, have you considered doing some major renovations on your current house? Maybe even adding an expansion if it's space that's the issue? I'm not really sure what your current situation is, but if you're going to spend money one way or another, maybe it's an option.
  3. [PGT] Nux 0 -Jets 2 - March 22, 2016

    Honestly, I don't really care what people outside of BC think about the team, especially if it's negative. We already know that many other parts of Canada love to cheer against the Canucks, we saw that in 2011. Besides which, I doubt they follow the team as closely or know it as intimately. Being healthy would have made a big difference this year, particularly with Sutter. Playoff contender? No, certainly not. But better, yes. Free agency, that's harder to predict. But there's certainly a chance it could help. A great draft pick? Not likely to make a huge impact immediately, but it's definitely a step in the right direction and has the potential to surprise. Each of those things, on their own, will not make us a contender. Even if we put them all together, we won't be pushing for a Cup next year, or even a long playoff run. But do I think those things, cumulatively, will make us far better than what we've seen this year? Absolutely. The potential is there. We could suffer from more injuries next year, and maybe there's nothing worthwhile come free agency. And our draft pick may have little to no impact in their first season. But, our team can only be that unlucky for so long, and I'm betting a few things start to go our way sooner rather than later.
  4. [PGT] Nux 0 -Jets 2 - March 22, 2016

    A top-end draft pick, a healthy lineup, and a free agent or two. I agree that next season could see a huge bounce back.Honestly, I think this season is more of an aberration than anything.
  5. The "Middle of the Pack" Argument

    Well, if you want to exclude the Edmonton example as an outlier, the same could certainly be said of Tampa. By the way, to book-end means "on either side of", which doesn't fit with what you're saying. They had Cup Final appearances in 2004, and not again until 2015, not exactly the compact"book-end" you made it out to be. They did have two trips to the Conference Finals prior to last year, but both of those came after drafting Stamkos and Hedman, between '10 - '14. They turned things around pretty quickly, I'll grant you that, but it's not like they went "good season - 2 bad seasons - good season". Prior to 2010, they had several lacklustre outings.
  6. The "Middle of the Pack" Argument

    Nothing that I wrote is at odds with that. I think some people are getting bogged down in semantics, particularly with how I mentioned the Oilers. My point certainly wasn't that high picks are bad. They obviously aren't. But if you can't transition to being a mid-team, it's not like you're going to go from bottom-feeder to contender. That's really all there is to it. My point was simply that it's not a BAD thing to be a team in the middle. Hopefully we get back there soon.
  7. The "Middle of the Pack" Argument

    I don't think you actually read what I wrote. I did not call us, currently, a middle of the pack team. We're much nearer to the bottom this year, I think that's clear. What I did say, is that I look forward to us being mid-pack again in the near future. Big difference.
  8. It seems that the fan base is largely divided into a binary "tank" side, and a "winning culture" side. For those that fall into the first category, a very common argument is that we don't want to get mired down as a "middle of the pack" team: not good enough to win it all, but not bad enough to get high draft picks. As a result, the team spins its wheels and goes nowhere, neither improving or getting worse. The thing is, that logic is deeply flawed. Let's keep it simple, we know that there are bottom teams, middle teams, and elite teams, so there's no sense in denying that premise. The benefit of being a bottom team would be the high draft picks, and the benefit of being an elite team is that you have a legitimate chance to win it all. Both are nice options, depending on where your team is at. So what's the benefit of being a team smack dab in the centre? It's true, you won't get a top pick and you probably won't win the cup, barring a Cinderella miracle run. No fan in the league would argue that they don't want their team to fall into the elite category, though, if they were given the option to choose. High draft picks are fun, but the Cup is what it's all about. So ask yourself:which team is closer to being elite,the bottom-feeder, or the team "trapped" in the middle? Let's compare two teams with using the benefit of hindsight, the 2006/2007 Canucks and Oilers. Oilers - Yeah, ten years ago, they were a bad team. We all know they've been a bad team for a long time, so this isn't a surprise to anyone. However, despite all the high picks, this team has failed to transition to a middle team, let alone an elite team. Canucks - Undoubtedly a "middle" team at the time. Their playoff record was unimpressive in the previous few years leading up to this season, and it was clearly a big deal for the franchise and fans to win that one playoff round against Dallas. It was progress. Yes, this team was built on some high picks, but the really crucial difference here is that the team successfully managed to transition into a mid-pack team. The bottom line is this: if you're a team in the middle, you have options that can put you over the top. It might be a surprise draft pick that exceeds expectations, or it might be some free agent signings. It was a mix of both of those elements that brought the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011. Having been a mid-tier team the previous few years, you can see how they built on that playoff win against Dallas by developing their roster, adding some prospects gradually, and some key free agent signings (like Malhotra and Hamhuis). That's how it's done. Personally, I'd rather have a team that needs some fine tuning or finishing touches, than a team that's trying to build a foundation. I think we are a bottom team right now, but I hope we won'tbe for long. I look forward to being a middle-of-the-pack team again, it will simply mean we'll bethat much closer.
  9. [Trade] Kris Versteeg to Kings

    Definitely. Just not this year.
  10. Not true, as long as the other team is well aware of the player's status.
  11. Asking why Desjardins is putting Vey out there after a TV time out = Babcock is an amazing coach? Hmmm, not sure I follow you there.
  12. Injury Tracker

    Do you ever think about your posts beforehand, or do you just mash the keyboard and submit? Honestly, it's baffling to me unless you're the most subtle troll I've ever encountered (in which case, you're a master). It's possibly bad management that Sutter has a fracturedjaw, or that Edler has a fractured fibula? How in the blue hell do you connect those dots?
  13. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I know some people won't be happy with the ending to the Rumble, but it definitely fits the narrative. Reigns taking out HHH a month ago made this a distinct possibility that sets up the larger storyline for Wrestlemania. I hope people didn't think HHH would come back like nothing happened. Now that would have been seriously out of character. This was a great ending. Sometimes, there is a blindness towards HHH that comes from pure fandom. He's such an effective heel that sometimes, people can't see past the outer layer. If you think it's Paul Levesque out there with a shovel, you're a mark. When he puts over - likely Reigns - by dropping the title at Wrestlemania, you'll know I was right. I'm no Reigns fan, but HHH knows what's right for business, and he's giving you what you want, whether you realize it or not. Best heel ever.
  14. I'll tell you this, as much as I like Schneider, this is not a trade I'd undo. We're very solid in net with Miller/Markstrom, replacing either of them for Schneider, at the expense of Horvat, would make this a much worse team now and in the future. This was definitely one of Gillis' better deals, I think there's been enough time now to show that.
  15. Is Bo just scratching the surface?

    That is very impressive, by any standards, but it doesn't paint the full picture. Some players can, and have, put up numbers like that with streaky play. This is not the case for Horvat. He has looked dominant out there more often than not, and that's why the points are coming.