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  1. The Newer Newer Official WWE/TNA thread.

    I know some people won't be happy with the ending to the Rumble, but it definitely fits the narrative. Reigns taking out HHH a month ago made this a distinct possibility that sets up the larger storyline for Wrestlemania. I hope people didn't think HHH would come back like nothing happened. Now that would have been seriously out of character.  This was a great ending. Sometimes, there is a blindness towards HHH that comes from pure fandom. He's such an effective heel that sometimes, people can't see past the outer layer. If you think it's Paul Levesque out there with a shovel, you're a mark. When he puts over - likely Reigns - by dropping the title at Wrestlemania, you'll know I was right. I'm no Reigns fan, but HHH knows what's right for business, and he's giving you what you want, whether you realize it or not. Best heel ever. 
  2. I'll tell you this, as much as I like Schneider, this is not a trade I'd undo. We're very solid in net with Miller/Markstrom, replacing either of them for Schneider, at the expense of Horvat, would make this a much worse team now and in the future. This was definitely one of Gillis' better deals, I think there's been enough time now to show that. 
  3. Is Bo just scratching the surface?

    That is very impressive, by any standards, but it doesn't paint the full picture. Some players can, and have, put up numbers like that with streaky play. This is not the case for Horvat. He has looked dominant out there more often than not, and that's why the points are coming. 
  4. maybe the stupidest question i ask

    Anybody that laughs at you hasn't been around the boards long enough to laugh at anyone, otherwise they'd know that you deserve more respect than that. 
  5. A true legend.  To paraphrase Dave Grohl (and poorly, I'm sure), while other musicians enjoyed their fame and success, letting it get to their head, Lemmy was out making another album.   
  6. What the critics don't see

    That's quite the rambling mess you've posted, OP. This is why we teach students about theses and topic sentences. Trust me, it's very handy for more than just formal essays.
  7. Canucks To Introduce Individual Goal Songs

    I'm on mobile so I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, but Vrbata's song should absolutely be Never Gonna Give You Up. Let's make that happen!
  8. I think the answer provided is very Aladeen.
  9. The dreaded double post.
  10. Today on "Sh*t I just made up based on some minor anecdotal evidence even though it's not based in reality whatsoever." The level of ignorance in your post is staggering.
  11. To be truthful, and to prove that I'm being antagonistic for the sake of it, I will admit that I don't disagree with you completely. I disagree with you strongly, but not completely. Not all opinions are created equal, there's not denying that. But, I do take exception with how you've drawn the line on this topic. Being a parent does not magically confer a deeper understanding of, well, anything. For some, they may learn and grow from their experiences and develop a deeper understanding, that's true. But not everyone. For example, there are some people out there that beat their children. I don't mean spanking, I mean beating. Now, you can't possibly think that their opinion is more valid than a non-parent in that situation, can you? And while I wouldn't tell Benning to his face that I disagree with something (I actually like Benning, for one), that doesn't mean it's wrong for someone to have a contrary opinion. This forum wouldn't exist without it. The same applies here. There are factors that can make an opinion more informed than another, but to simply rule out an entire segment of the population is just absurd. That's the point I'm making.
  12. Another stunningly arrogant post. It's nice that you can pull out the "words have different meanings" to suit your needs. Very convenient. "What people often forget" indeed. Maybe I was sick that day when I was still earning my BA in English, or maybe I just forgot since I graduated back in '08. I would encourage you to refresh your understanding of the words empathy and sympathy. Many people find sympathy to be condescending and offensive, but given your other posts, I'm not terribly surprised that it's the one you identify with, more than empathy. I see that you have completely missed the point of my post as well. The fact that you view it as a strawman, or overly simplistic (shades of black and white, as you called it), is deeply ironic. You're the one that thinks a non-parent can't have a valid opinion on spanking. Talk about overly simplistic, black and white nonsense. I explained what empathy is and how it's relevant to this conversation. I then used your own example (the person in a wheelchair) to demonstrate my principle. But you missed that part and focused on my clearly facetious "by your own logic you shouldn't have opinions on anything you don't have first-hand experience of" even though I clearly refuted that very notion. Please don't read Swift's Modest Proposal, I'm afraid you'd get entirely the wrong idea. What I did, was to highlight how ridiculous your post was. Sorry you didn't see that. Saying "you can't have a valid opinion" of something because of conditions you impose, is the height of arrogance.
  13. Congratulations, your opinion is now meaningless on nearly every subject by your own logic. Your opinion is just as irrelevant as a non-parent's, on the broader issue, because you haven't parented other people's children. I'm sure you're okay with having your thoughts so easily dismissed, since you're willing to do it to others. Going forward, I hope you hold the same standards to yourself on all other subjects as well. No opinions on anything unless you've explicitly had first-hand experience. As a hockey forum, I hope you will now refrain from posting any thoughts or opinions about the NHL, unless you've been an NHL player. Otherwise, your opinion is invalid. Meaningless. Perhaps your problem is the part I have bolded. By your own admission, you cannot empathize. It's a pretty fundamental skill that allows us to understand what others feel, as though we were feeling it ourselves. It's a fairly critical part of the human condition and, without it, our society would not stick together. That you have difficulty with that is concerning. See, empathy helps me to perceive both the role of parents and children. While I can understand the frustration and helplessness that parents may feel at times, I can also understand the effects of corporal punishment on children. I'm not claiming to be an expert, but neither are you. I think my opinion is equally fair and valid, no more, no less. To use the example you provided of someone that can't walk, I'd be really concerned if you truly feel that you can't empathize with that situation at all. You do not have to be neutral simply because you're able to walk, that makes no sense at all. I'm fairly confident I can understand that it comes with a fair share of difficulties and challenges. It's why I'm not a jerk that tries to steal a handicapped parking spot, I can empathize and understand that they exist for an important purpose. But you, well, apparently you have "NO CLUE", eh?
  14. D. Sedin HERO Chart

    I wasn't sure if he was a good hockey player or not, so I'm glad the HERO chart is here with the insightful analysis. Whew, that was dicey for a while there. Honestly, I think these are the kind of stats that are taken too far. Did anyone need this chart to tell them that Daniel is a great player, especially during his peak years? Anyone that needed convincing probably isn't much of a hockey fan anyway.
  15. Yeah, that clearly deterred Bill Cosby, after all. Now, like you, I'm not saying one way or another whether I think the allegations are true. There's not enough information yet, and that's all there is to it. However, a counterpoint to your thoughts. Sure, a guy like Kane has a lot to lose, but that's because of his high profile status, fame, and wealth. Which are the exact same reasons that a lot of powerful people think they can get away with something like this.