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  1. Showdown joe mentioned this on MMA connected, sportsnet but unconfirmed
  2. i'd like to see carwin vs velasquez for the intrim belt if lesnar is going to be out of action indefinitely
  3. In related news, it's reported that Emelianenko will be out 4-6 months with a hand injury (surgery to repair a dislocated thumb) from the fight with Brett Rogers http://mmafrenzy.com/12154/fedor-emelianenko-out-up-to-six-months-with-hand-injury/
  4. awesome
  5. I was playing pickup basketball and when I left it was a torrential down pour with giant puddles on major streets, i missed the omg thunder and omg lightning though
  6. I don't think they touched gloves I have no doubt that Fedor was going to finish him anyways but wasn't Rogers still intelligently defending himself. I wanted to see a couple more ground shots just for punctuation.
  7. so much for rothwell's smack talk, he looked like a punching bag
  8. ^^ He also knocked out Rich Franklin back in the day
  10. Here comes the rain again! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PscogedAWTI...feature=channel Sorry it wouldn't let me embed it
  11. That was really stupid of him to ask for a cheeseburger like he just won the superbowl or something. His fat as$ should have just of acted like a professional in front of Dana
  12. thanks you're pretty cool buddy
  13. Ya, that arm was in a bad way, that's an unatural way for an arm/shoulder to look
  14. To me it looked like kampmann was in trouble, i think the more questionable stoppage was the Trigg/Koscheck fight The prelim fights were pretty good, I especially liked the Rick Story submission on Brian Foster 5 bills on cro-cop? ouch
  15. I love seeing fights finish so UFC 103 was perfect, kO's Tko's and submissions, awesome!! And people thought this card was going to suck