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  1. This has got to be one of the stupidest stats I've ever read. Of course the majority of point leaders are going to be drafted outside of the top 5. You're comparing 5 players each draft to 205. Even if you ignore the later rounds and only consider the first 3 rounds, that's 5 players vs 85.
  2. Dismantling? The Canucks have more than a good base they have a terrific base and an abundance of d men. Meanwhile our offensive and top 2 lines are severely lacking. Why not use one of your excess d men to bolster your weakness (offense)? Not to mention the Canucks won't be contending for a few years so trade the guy who's 27 as opposed to the younger guys. What about this doesn't make sense. Trading one d man isn't dismantling our back end.
  3. What are you talking about. You asked if 2 Horvats would get it done? Then you respond to my comment about 2 Toews by comparing 2 completely different sets of players? Dustin Brown isn't even a centre, he's a RW... Krejci and Bergeron are 2 centres but they're not duplicates like you suggest in your original post.
  4. I don't know, would two Jonathan Toews (and no Patrick Kane) win Chicago 3 cups? Probably not.
  5. Kind of ironic after reading your post that your name is logic because your post lacks a lot of it. You list RNH and Yakupov. First of all I trust Benning is a better scout and would find a solution to a weak first overall prospect (for example trade the first overall and move down or trade for a prospect(s) etc). Secondly Edmonton is a horrible example. They rush all their young players. For all we know had neither of those 2 been rushed they could be tearing up the league right now. Who knows, maybe even a guy like Horvat rushed to top line minutes on that team would bust. Again saying elite talent isn't only in the top 3 and cherry picking some players doesn't prove anything. Of course it's not JUST in the top 3, you're just more likely to find it there. Using your logic I'll cherry pick a couple of top 3 guys - Crosby, Malken, Toews, Kane. Quite a few cups between those 4 and counting and who knows how many McDavid will have by the time he retires.
  6. So then why not trade the 1st overall (assuming we get it) let that team draft Patrick and we take the stud D man? There is not log jam as others have pointed out he'll be 2-3 years away. Juolevi and the selected D man will have zero impact on our team next year, we'll probably finish low again and have a shot at potentially a better number one centre. Not a bad way to go about a rebuild (build from D/Goalie out as they take longer to develop).
  7. They don't. The way hearditall worded it was that we were going to pay them to play for another team and take on contracts dumps and nothing else. No one's suggesting JUST that. Of course that's PART of the deal but the rest would be picks/prospects coming back.
  8. If you don't have the answer to this question already then I'm not sure you've read half the comments in this thread. If you COULD trade the Sedins, you'd pay them to play for another team, not for over paid contracts coming back, that's stupid. You'd pay them to play for another team for picks and prospects (most importantly) and to speed up the rebuild (of lesser importance when making the trade).
  9. I don't understand this argument. Just because Benning can find gems in later rounds WITHOUT top picks doesn't mean he can't still find gems in later rounds WITH top picks. It's not an either or argument.
  10. Winnipeg also moved up. Toronto got Matthews... I think there are equally strong arguments for or against tanking; however, to compare you buying a lottery ticket to the NHL's lottery system is asinine. The type of lotteries you're talking about have a 1 in millions of chance of winning. Big difference.
  11. I still think that's a bit of a stretch.
  12. Are you actually comparing Kane to Yakupov?
  13. By every Western team do you mean Arizona, Edmonton and Calgary? I don't think as many teams go through 7-8 game losing streaks as you think they do. I'm not even sure the Canucks did last season and they finished 2nd last in the West.
  14. Theodore is a gifted offensive d man (on the smaller side) player for Anaheim. The only reason he has been up and down (minors) so often this season is because Anaheim has a logjam on D.
  15. Nope, that's a pretty fair trade.