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  1. I still think that's a bit of a stretch.
  2. Are you actually comparing Kane to Yakupov?
  3. By every Western team do you mean Arizona, Edmonton and Calgary? I don't think as many teams go through 7-8 game losing streaks as you think they do. I'm not even sure the Canucks did last season and they finished 2nd last in the West.
  4. Theodore is a gifted offensive d man (on the smaller side) player for Anaheim. The only reason he has been up and down (minors) so often this season is because Anaheim has a logjam on D.
  5. Nope, that's a pretty fair trade.
  6. Not sure who Nattinen is but what does swapping Tryamkin for Theodore accomplish? I know Theodore is talented but guys as big as Tryamkin don't grow on trees.
  7. I agree Benning has an eye for talent but I think you, and many other posters, are missing the glaringly obvious. Most of these 2nd, 3rd,4th, 5th round guys he picks up will still be available to pick up whether we have the 1st overall pick or the 10th. Not to mention if you really want a guy in the 2nd round you could trade up, trade a 3rd and 4th etc. So why not get a guy like McDavid, Matthews, Laine etc AND one of those 2nd, 3rd, 4th round gems. It's not an either/or argument. Just because you get the first overall doesn't mean you miss out on all those other players.
  8. I completely agree with the jealousy being a Canucks fan and the excitement surrounding both those teams. Definitely envious. It's a shame some Canuck's fans wish injuries on both those players, although I suppose it explains the hate the Sedins get/have gotten over their careers.
  9. I love how some fans seem to think they're "above" other fans with comments like these. Rogers arena is giving away free beer and ticket prices are down but somehow we wouldn't survive a full rebuild. I'd gladly pay money to watch an exciting young team play and I'm sure many others would as well.
  10. FTFY. Most of his posts ooze arrogance.
  11. I'm not expert by any means but these numbers seem way to high. Why would any GM agree to keep $4M on the books, it just doesn't make any sense. General fanager has the cap retained by the Canucks as $800,000 per year. Not sure if this changes if he retires early - as in is it still the same over the life of the contract or does it get lumped together.
  12. Of course not.
  13. Not saying I disagree... However, I remember reading an article and a big reason Stecher chose Vancouver was because he knew if he played well the Canucks would make room for him on the big club. He referenced Hutton's situation last year specifically and how he made the team. If Stecher plays well enough I'd be surprised if they sent him down. But it is tough with all the depth on D we have.
  14. Only time will tell with Juolevi/Tkachuk and Stecher (it's still really early) but I have a feeling Juolevi will still be the better choice over Tkachuk in 10 years time.
  15. I think the argument the original posters were making though was that AV was boring. Cup or not you can't deny it was a lot more exciting when we were winning those President's trophies and made it to the finals - with AV.