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  1. Not directed at you OP, but after reading these comments, did no one watch him play this playoffs? The guy was invisible and there's a reason Edm wants to get rid of him. Not a player we should be going after.
  2. I'm not disagreeing with you but this is what JB has stated. I think it's about how he envisions the team in 2+ years. He must feel prospects, UFAs and/or current players will develop into a scoring role. Also, it's generally easier and costs less to find scorers than 1st line playmaking centres.
  3. Pretty sure Simmonds plays on the top 2 lines, not the third. Other users have mentioned that Philly has plenty of D prospects and don't need Tanev. Also, how does a 28 year old Simmonds fit in with our plan of getting younger? Our window is still at least 2-3 years away and Simmonds will be in the downside of his career then.
  4. I can't tell if you're actually this ignorant as to how prospects work or you're just dumb. By your logic Noah Hanifin (taken 5th) is a better prospect than Mitch Marner (taken 4th) purely because he played in the NHL sooner.
  5. I think it depends on the quality of the player and how strong the draft is. For the Matthews, Laines etc there are still the Dylan Stromes, Mitch Marners, Puljujarvi's who don't make the NHL straight out of the draft.
  6. I'm hoping whoever we get spends a year in the minors to develop but that entirely depends on who we get. I think we need at least one more year near the bottom of the league and a shot at a high pick in next years stronger draft.
  7. The Oilers have (almost) nothing to play for. I smell a win for the Canucks coming up.
  8. Jan, you realise it's impossible for Bettman to rig the lottery right? An independent 3rd party does the lottery. And before someone chimes in with "well he could still get them to rig it" the 3rd party is a massive law firm that wouldn't risk losing their credibility over something as insignificant to them as a sports lottery. Furthermore, Bettman doesn't make decisions, the owners do. This whole Bettman conspiracy garbage just shows how ignorant people are.
  9. You can't give Benning a pass but call out Gillis for the same thing.
  10. The team picking 2nd isn't going to do that. The 3rd, 4th, 5th etc maybe.
  11. How do you include Toews and especially Kane in this list? Kane tough? I agree they play with an edge and are exceptional players but tough is the last thing that comes to mind when I think of Kane.
  12. He wasn't questioning how bad it would be if Rodin walked or if we could recover from the loss. He was asking if Rodin would WANT to sign with the Canucks. You make it sound like he's a lock to return, which he isn't.
  13. I really don't understand a lot of people on here. Many want to tank and get a high pick. Some of this group hate WD and think he's a bad coach. Wouldn't you want him then to drive the tank then? People must have short memories. AV was criticised for his line deployments (most notably Rome), yet is a fantastic coach. Every coach's decisions get questioned. We don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Maybe Megna, Chaput etc are the hardest working guys during practice and off the ice? What message would it send to the young guys if a slacker got handed ice time? All of us want our young guys to develop, yet again a big chunk think they should be given ice time without earning it. The Oilers are the perfect example of what happens when you do this, while Bo Horvat had to earn his ice time and is doing exceptional. People also seem to forget guys like Yakupov had 4(?) different coaches. Do you have any idea how f***ing hard it is for young guys to learn and develop when coaches are constantly being swapped out? And finally, even if we had Babcock this year we'd be in the same position.
  14. We drafted Virtanen, partly, for this reason and how's that working out? I'm not writing him off but he hasn't impressed so far so drafting with this need as a priority doesn't always work. You use Cal, Edm and Ana as examples. The better example would be Chicago. Do they have much toughness? They've won 3 keeps, if I were to emulate any team it would be them.
  15. Our prospect pool is the best it's been in at least 10 years.