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  1. I think the argument the original posters were making though was that AV was boring. Cup or not you can't deny it was a lot more exciting when we were winning those President's trophies and made it to the finals - with AV.
  2. I don't understand why one or two fans thinking we tanked qualifies an entire topic on this? One or two fans also think Linden or the Sedins sucked. Just ignore them, they're idiots.
  3. Even if this is true, we're talking regular season scoring. The going doesn't really get tough until the playoffs or unless you're fighting for a playoff spot the last couple weeks.
  4. You can see McDavid scoring 40+ what? Goals? Points? Matthews may not lead rookies (although he has to be considered a favourite) but he'll have 60+ points playing with Nylander. If Eichel could do it so can Matthews.
  5. Are you serious? Take a look at generalfanager.com they have a tool you can use for every team to see whom you can protect. Las Vegas is gonna be a crappy team for a couple years, most teams don't have much to worry about and those who do will make trades to avoid them (ie Tampa Bay - Vasilevsky and Bishop, Pittsburgh - Murray and Fleury).
  6. You don't lose cardiovascular fitness the same way you lose strength/speed/agility as you age. That's why you'll see many top marathon runners continue to compete, and improve, even into their 40's. So to answer your question I'd assume if they've been training as hard as usual they'll perform very similar to their past performances.
  7. How did the author go with is predictions from the previous year (hint it's in the article)? How did everyone else go who's complaining in here?
  8. Like Lumme said, it doesn't matter what the consensus BPA is at 5. It matters who Benning has ranked BPA at 5. Clearly that was Juolevi.
  9. Horvat is better than Kesler if you compare them at this stage of their careers (ie. both 20). However, I doubt Kesler got 2nd line centre playing time the way Horvat did this past season.
  10. It's all how you look at it. Most, if not all, teams have a worse prospect pool than Edmonton and Winnipeg. Or you could look at it as JB has given us our deepest prospect pool in the last 10+ years. I'm not saying he hasn't made mistakes elsewhere but I don't see the point in being pessimistic about our prospects when they've only improved since he's taken over.
  11. "Care to elaborate? I can't ever remember Detroit rebuilding on the fly; they've just always been able to pick up gems in the draft (and later rounds). " Are you having a go at me LaBamba or agreeing? I can't tell... but it would make more sense if you were agreeing. As far as I can remember Detroit has made the playoffs every year, except last, for ages. Personally I wouldn't consider them a candidate to be rebuilding on the fly but maybe my definition of rebuilding on the fly differs to others.
  12. Care to elaborate? I can't ever remember Detroit rebuilding on the fly; they've just always been able to pick up gems in the draft (and later rounds).
  13. I thought Larsen was on a one way contract? Wouldn't this mean he has to stay up with the big club or risk getting picked up on waivers? I could be completely wrong as I'm not 100% sure how those things work but that was the impression I got - that he'd be playing this season.
  14. How was Gibson rushed? He's 23 years old and this will be his first year as the legitimate starter. Last year he was backup to Andersen. At 22 years of age last year, splitting time with Andersen, he put up 2.07GAA and .920SV% in 40 games. You could argue the year before he was rushed but considering how well he played the following year (last year) it clearly didn't stunt his development.