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  1. Definitely missed the boat on this, I'm a bit bummed they didn't send anything out to STH to confirm the date.
  2. Congrats to Luongo, he was a great goalie for us but the recapture penalty really sucks and isn't fair but that's for another day.
  3. Decent schedule overall, some nice December games this year but it's too bad Toronto is a mid week game this season.
  4. What a disaster of a trade, Carolina robs Toronto of a first round pick for a salary dump but we give up a first round pick for an aging player from a team up against the cap WTF Benning, we should get a pick back for taking this contract off Tampa's hands.
  5. I just had a great night with the Canucks and even managed to get a photo with the twins on the draft stage but if he's brought in as the president or other senior role I will not renew my season tickets. I hate what he did with the Oilers and do not want him anywhere near the team.
  6. Outstanding contract by Benning, I can't wait for the haters to start complaining on this one but it's a team friendly term, no protection in the expansion draft and very fair cap hit for a top 4D. Home run by management here.
  7. The sportsbar is taking reservations and that's where I will watch the draft. You get the energy from the arena without paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket and have the benefit of the TV analysis as players are drafted.
  8. That's fair, my pair in 302 sold ok when I couldn't go to a game but considering 304 is the same price point and offers better viewing angles I was excited to see that pair today when I logged into the upgrade portal. I may need to consider adding some seats in UBlV considering how difficult they will be to obtain after the team improves.
  9. That's too funny yes those are the seats I just picked up. What did you think of them last year, did I make a decent trade coming from 302 aisle seats?
  10. Nice, those seats were not there during my session last night but the view would be great. I managed to grab 2 seats in 304 row 3, 2 seats away from the higher price point. I considered moving to 306 row 2 but couldn't justify the price increase for 2 more sections over.
  11. The email I got doesn't have the actual link. For anyone who wants to check their seat options online here is the link that will let you do it. You have to be logged into your account to give this a try and you need to have seats eligible for upgrade. Once you select new seats this will not work.
  12. I can't find the online portal link to check what seats are available. I went last night but didn't change my seats. Can anyone post the link here for me?
  13. I can't believe they want us to buy 2 different tickets, 1 for Friday and another for Saturday. I was planning to go but the prices are ridiculous for an event that is more enjoyable to watch on TV at a bar or at home. Thanks but I'll pass.
  14. I wasn't a fan of his writing but he covered the Canucks faithfully and died far too young. RIP and my thoughts are with his family and friends.
  15. I spoke to my STH rep yesterday and he said they're still working some things out with the NHL but STH will get an email with ticket info in the next few weeks.