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  1. In 2015 they charged for the entire series up front and any games that were not played were credited either to the next round or next years tickets if they were eliminated.
  2. Canucks just posted on Instagram that Quinn Hughes is good to go.
  3. Were you able to cancel your deposit online or did you have to call them?
  4. NHL Ticketexchange for the Canucks is different this year. Ticketmaster doesn't show the pink resale seats for Canucks games anymore it's just on some new website I've never used or heard of. It seems like most other NHL clubs still offer this when I check. Be careful if you sell a lot on ticket exchange.
  5. I managed to get rid of my arizona games at least but I agree this year the game categories don't leave much room for value trades.
  6. The sale started at 10 AM as per the email sent out by the Canucks.
  7. It looks like the Sedin game is already sold out.
  8. Canucks finish third in the pacific this year with 98 points and make the playoffs but lose in game 7 of the first round. Markstrom continues to build on his strong 2018/19 season but Demko takes a solid step and Markstrom is traded at the deadline rather than being lost for nothing at the expansion draft. Boeser is signed for 6 years at 6.75 million per year and scores 32 goals and 70 points Elias scores 38 goals and 84 points
  9. Congrats Jim, I am glad to hear you'll be back with the team next season as things start to come together.
  10. I can't believe that the Raptors aren't going to play a game here after winning the NBA title. That game would have been bonkers to go to but I have no interest in the clippers or Mavs. Easy pass for me even before looking at the prices.
  11. Definitely missed the boat on this, I'm a bit bummed they didn't send anything out to STH to confirm the date.
  12. Congrats to Luongo, he was a great goalie for us but the recapture penalty really sucks and isn't fair but that's for another day.
  13. Decent schedule overall, some nice December games this year but it's too bad Toronto is a mid week game this season.
  14. What a disaster of a trade, Carolina robs Toronto of a first round pick for a salary dump but we give up a first round pick for an aging player from a team up against the cap WTF Benning, we should get a pick back for taking this contract off Tampa's hands.
  15. I just had a great night with the Canucks and even managed to get a photo with the twins on the draft stage but if he's brought in as the president or other senior role I will not renew my season tickets. I hate what he did with the Oilers and do not want him anywhere near the team.