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  1. CDSF: (1) Colorado Avalanche vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    Minnesota's 0-2 with Dany Heatley in the press box and 2-0 with him in the lineup? This is obviously the reason they're winning.
  2. I may be late putting it up here, but Brandon Reid and Fedor Fedorov are teammates again. The future of the Canucks, reunited.

    1. Batmania


      Just need a Jason King and we're set.

  3. I'll always remember him for repeatedly saying the Canucks should trade Markus Naslund for Simon Gagne or take away his C back in the day. As I was rather young and Nazzy was my favorite player, I stopped tuning in and that likely won't change soon.
  4. Post Your User Name History

    I guess I'm in, pretty sure I made this account back in 08 just to complain about us not having Lukas Krajicek anymore. How times change...
  5. Thanks for the welcome, just noticed it today, heh.

  6. i use to know a family named o'coffey, that used to live in mackenzie...i don't know where they are now.....their son lives here in smithers....welcome to cdc.

  7. For the "what's wrong with my sig" question, you don't have any end tags.