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  1. I think that's a misinterpretation of what was said. There aren't 30 homogeneous draft lists that guarantee the players your team scouting has identified as the "top 15" will be gone after the 15th pick. He mentions doing well in the 20-24 range in Buffalo just before that comment. His point is that, so far, of the odds on favorites for first rounders to be there are about 15 players they have evaluated as top end. I would not only take that 15 quite generally but also assume that he thinks some of them will be available later in the round.
  2. Wondering what people here think of Samuel Girard? Every time I've had occasion to watch Shawinigan over the last couple of years I've been incredibly impressed. This year, I've found myself tuning in to a few of theirs specifically to watch him. My thinking at the start of the season is he's a dynamite second, maybe even third, round pick. High risk high reward player. Some recent draft lists, however, have him prominently in the first. http://futureconsiderations.ca/fc-releases-january-ranking-for-2016-nhl-draft/ Future Considerations has him listed at 23rd http://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-can-t-go-wrong-with-puljujarvi-laine-1.421415 I know what a lot of people think of Button but he has him listed as high as 16th. So, do people here think he's worth it? I love the idea of the Canucks adding this guy to the pool but mitigating potential loss on such a high value asset leaves me thinking it's hard to pull the trigger - even if they acquire a follow up late first round pick. For those of you who are unfamiliar here is an article from early this year discussing the possibility of undersized skilled defenceman trending in the NHL. Girard is figured prominently as a subject and, while it is outdated, he is still leading the Q in scoring on defence by a substantial margin. http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/will-short-chl-d-men-hit-nhl-draft-heights/
  3. I'm surprised to see that Abramov has dropped out of the first round... for now. If the Canucks can land that guy with a second I'll be ecstatic. What he's done as a rookie this year has been fun to watch.
  4. Juolevi is gonna be a stud, would love to see him in a nucks jersey Me too. I watch a few Knight games now and again, perenially entertaining as they are, and this guy is a pleasure. Skates the puck through transition in Bartkowskian fashion with the vision to do a little more with it up ice. A Creative and highly effective passer. Check out this bank pass he made to lead Tkachuk into the o zone from just beyond his own hash marks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKyIP6ORa48 (starts at 1:00) I haven't seen Laine, Puljujarvi, or Aho outside of this tournament but within it they sure seem like the real deal too. Canada likely has their hands full today. Maybe it's Virtanen's time to shine.
  5. [Trade] Kassian to EDM

    So he's down in Bakersfield now, eh? I think I'll have to tune in for a period or two tonight then. I really enjoyed watching him play with the Wolves the year of the lockout. His presence and impact on games in the AHL is what most of us Canuck fans always hoped to see from him in Vancouver.
  6. Musicians who died in 2015

    A few greats on that list, for sure. Where's Ron Hynes?
  7. [Report] Brad Marchand suspended 3 games

    Seems about right to me. I expected less. Happy vacation, Brad.
  8. The grandeur of my pond just took a serious hit. Very cool.
  9. I would like to see the team do everything they can to stay competitive. I prefer to watch the Canucks win - full stop. If their season ends in dire straits and they profit with a high draft pick, so be it. That could very well land us a premier player moving forward. A lot of people like to jump up and down saying something to the effect of, "Linden! Sedins! Second overall! Stanley Cup" but don't seem to analyze that line of thinking any further. I'd like to do so for them here: Linden was taken with the second overall pick in his draft year, yes. He went on to captain his team to the finals, right again. What's missing from the narrative is that teams best player was acquired in the following year's draft. In the sixth round. The very same year the Canucks deployed the 8th overall on Jason Herter. Terrible as they were they selected second overall again in 1990. Their choice that year isn't a name you often hear from the advocates of organizationally designed losing. The Sedins were taken second and third overall in 1999, correct. The Canucks also picked in the four hole the year before. Does anyone remember Bryan Allen? Or how about 99's first overall. How is he working out in Atlanta? Back when the Sedins were nothing more than career second liners we still had an electric team. Naslund, Bertuzzi, and Morrison were, for a time, the best line in hockey. None of them were high draft picks. None of them were even Canuck draft picks but were instead aquired through shrewd trading. You know who went first overall the year NYI picked Bertuzzi late in the first? Daigle. The Canucks selections in those two years, with both of their future franchise players still on the board, were Mike Wilson and Alek Stojanov. The examples are endless. As it pertains to defenceman, a present weakness for the team, especially. Who would you rather have Bouwmeester (3rd), Pitkanen (4th), Whitney (5th), or Keith (54th)? Not recent enough for you? How about Gudbranson (3rd) or Faulk (37th)? There are going to be franchise quality players available throughout the draft. Benning strikes me as a hard worker with a good eye for talent. I think he can find one. If we are as bad as everyone hopes we are and end up with the high pick, fine. But I don't think they'll suck on purpose - and I hope they don't. I prefer a winning team. Or as close to one as they can manage.
  10. I too would be interested in Schenn given where we're at with injuries. But like others have said - only if he's in the bargain bin.
  11. Dmitry Zhukenov | C

    I've caught 3 or 4 Chicoutimi games this year but had my first opportunity to see Zhukenov live last night. He made a strong impression. His anticipation, by which I mean ability to predict the play, was outstanding. It often seemed the puck was following him around when in reality he was finding the right spots. He got a greasy rebound goal on the pp out from a pile of bodies because of it, as example. His compete level seems high. He took a pair of heavy hits, one in the second and one in the third, that certainly left their mark. On both occasions he tried to give it back , to any one he could line up really, the very same shift. He wasn't perfect. He made a few unforced turnovers on low percentage passes. He took an untimely tripping penalty late in the third with his team down by a goal and on the powerplay. Also with their net empty he tried to stickhandle through three Tigres at the blue line, only to turn it over, leading to the empty net goal that iced the game. He did manage to make it through two though.. All in all I thought he was one of the best players on the ice last night.
  12. OMG Windy?

    I guess it is not the norm to have generators in the city? At one point last winter we were without power for a week. Over the course of the season we will lose power several times for multi-day stretches. Very powerful storms on the west coast alongside low population density. We seem to survive.
  13. Bo Horvat Talk

    For those interested Horvat has started the game on a line with Jones and DeFazio. He's looked good in the early going here creating a couple of nice chances.
  14. Vancouver Giants thread

    Giants v Rockets is televised Wednesday night at 7pm. I'll get my first glimpse of Benson. If that highlight reel goal above is any indication it should be a fun season of watching him and the team improve.