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    besides those things you call sports, I love them books and saké.
  1. Hello! Thanks for viewing my profile!

    1. cliu



  2. Ha! I guess it's just me then :)

  3. Yeah :) I'm the Office's biggest fan. There's no TV show I love more. To be honest I'm enjoying this season a lot more than the last couple. Last night's show wasn't great, but I like what they've done without Carell so far. I still think it only has one or two seasons left in it though. I don't know what i'll watch when it finishes.

  4. hey, I see that you like the offfice. but i think it;s starting to lose its lustre, even moreso when steve left. :(

  5. saw your user name. love sterling. but not as much as cyril :D

  6. saw some family in japan and taiwan. overall, it was great.

  7. Hello there how's it going.How's your summer been.

  8. Hello there last night's game was a dissapointing they were so close.'iam shocked to see what happend after the game hopefully it never happens again i never wanna see these riots again.

  9. I'am doing okay.:)

  10. it's going very well, thank you. what more can i say? the canucks are in the third round. life is very good. and you? how are you mr. sully?

  11. Hello there how's it going.:)

  12. Cody Hodgson Evan Oberg and Piere-Cedric Labrie Prab Rai Piere-Cedric Labrie and Yann Sauve