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  1. i disagree. he looks disgusting in these jerseys just like every other canuck
  2. i hate the reebok era so i'll go nostalgic
  3. Battlestar Galactica Buffy the Vampire Slayer Six Feet Under The Sarah Connor Chronicles True Detective (Season 1) The Leftovers 12 Monkeys In the Flesh The Sopranos Agents of Shield Les Revenants Arrested Development Flight of the Conchords The Shield Oz
  4. i want the habs to win the stanley cup but they need to get over this "coach and the gm have to speak french" crap. the only language that matters is winning. are you telling me the fans wouldn't welcome Babcock with open arms if they had the chance?
  5. Northern Ireland fans
  6. i never had a problem with him being the host like the majority on cdc, but his overtight, undersized pants were embarrassing. 2010s fashion is beyond deplorable
  7. to say i hate the fashion trends of 2010s would be an understatement. hideous, awful. another reebok crap that ruined one of the better uniforms
  8. my all time favorite canuck. and it's not even close
  9. my all time favorite senator with Alfredsson. still bothers me to this day that they couldn't beat those walt disney p**sies in 2007