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  1. YouTube Thread 2.0

  2. YouTube Thread 2.0

  3. [Report] Marian Hossa announces retirement

    one of the best two way forwards never to win the selke the only reason Jari Kurri and Hossa haven't won the selke because the era they played had stupid unwritten rules . Kurri, because it wasn't fashionable during the 80s to give the award to the offensive stars and Hossa, because for some reason they decided to exclude the wingers after the 04-05 lockout which is total bs the only blackhawk player i can call my personal favorite. have a great retirement, you deserved it.
  4. suck it subban suck it bettman suck it kidman suck it urban suck it underwood suck it crow YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  5. suck it subban
  6. YouTube Thread 2.0

  7. YouTube Thread 2.0

  8. YouTube Thread 2.0

  9. YouTube Thread 2.0

  10. and the shootout and 3 on 3 ot
  11. What is your team and your role?

    i'm Ben Eager / Adam Burish / Daniel Carcillo
  12. Rate Last TV Show You Saw