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  1. i was born in 1982. i know what you mean. but from the mid 90s to 2015 - almost 20 years - this was the standard and everyone was making fun of the short shorts. that's why i'm having a hard time accepting this blasphemy
  2. that's why i said the current fashion. the length was normal until... i don't know, 2015?
  3. the current fashion is beyond disgusting. nowadays men look like they're wearing their little brothers' tshirts and their girlfriends' shorts.
  4. yes. but a crossdresser can also be straight who just likes to wear the clothes of the opposite sex
  5. i sincerely hope it's fake because this is beyond stupid. sjws have gone bats**t crazy to a point that i didn't feel the need to question if it's fake or real. i mean this is the kind of thing that you'd expect them to say
  6. i hate cuomo with all my heart (clown news network) but he was right to be angry. however, to claim fredo is the n-word for italians, that is absolute bs. it's an insult, yes. but that's it. nothing to do with racism. it's the typical "everyone i don't like is racist" stance