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  1. get rid of the loser point and the shootout. 5 on 5 ot for 7 minutes. if it ends in tie, each team gets 1 point. move on to the next game. it's regular season, no need to overdramatize it. 3 on 3 ot is an absolute embarrassment. bring back the old playoff format with a slight change; no divisions, just conferences. top 8 teams in each conference with the highest point total make the playoffs, not because you win your stupid division. i miss the old, baggy, greatly designed nike jerseys. hate the reebok era, hate almost every team's jersey in the league, even the ones that didn't change their logo i can't stand non-hockey markets having nhl teams. relocate and fold and reduce to a league of 24 or 25 teams asap
  2. IT (2017) 2/5 i wasn't expecting a masterpiece but this is disappointing. linear storytelling instead of using flashbacks like the book and the original adaptation did, lack of character depth, not adapting any of the violent parts from the book even though censorship isn't an issue like in the 1990 adaptation, the way they defeated pennywise at the end. (so cheesy) especially richie's monologue; douche chills even with its shortcomings, the 1990 adaptation is still more watchable
  3. don't get me wrong, i hate him with all my heart but unfortunately he's a hockey fan
  4. to be honest, i'm shocked. let's see if they can keep this up
  5. in terms of tv ratings, none of those cities deserve an nhl team. couple of thousand fans don't make a difference. i cheer for the places that live and bleed hockey more than anything (canadian cities + minnesota and buffalo), also hate football, baseball and basketball so i can't stand these cities having nhl teams and winning the stanley cup on top of that
  6. i'm anti nationalist so i don't give a flying f about that
  7. easy hockey town vs sunbelt city with no actual fan base and miserable tv ratings not even a contest dallas, la, san jose, carolina, anaheim, nashville, denver, tampa, las vegas, phoenix and columbus... f***n embarrassment to the whole league
  8. stay classy walt disney p***ies
  9. if ottawa loses this game (game 5), they better be ready for game 7, 'cause there's no way they're gonna win game 6 in boston. - don cherry suck it you bostonian, new englander wannabe, bear loving senile buffoon. i'm all out of insults. good day
  10. even their anthem singer is annoying as ****. please ottawa, finish them tonight