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  1. Marchand Told by NHL to Stop Licking Players

    Also in that edition of 31 Thoughts Friedman says to read the lips of Trotz & Tortorella in the handshake line. I can't make out what they're saying, can anyone?
  2. Bob Cole upset with being left out of playoff broadcasts

    Puts it in perspective how the Sedins were able to retire on their own terms. Bob Cole is a great voice but I personally feel like it's time to make Hughson the elder statesman broadcaster. The writing is on the wall for Cole. Wish him the best
  3. Too bad, I wanted both these teams to make it beyond the first round. I hope WSH wins and gets Ovi into the 2nd round.
  4. I want LA to win because Kopitar, Carter, Quick....but Vegas has a pretty good goalie who has some playoff success. I think it'll be a long series
  5. CDSF: (C2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (C3) Minnesota Wild | Jets win series 4-1

    Jets in 6, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was 5. Suter out, Hellebuyck hot, WPG wellrounded... the only question I have is how healthy is Schiefle's shoulder for the playoffs?
  6. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    Anyone have a gif of this Virt/McD race?
  7. Next Season's To-Do List? (3 Things)

    I was thinking about this earlier. No Cups and (likely) 6 retired numbers plus a Ring Of Honour. I personally feel that Naslund and Bure shouldn't have had their numbers retired and I wasn't alive to watch Smyl play so I can't really throw my judgement on that one. Naslund was part of the best line in hockey for a couple seasons but never had much postseason success - whether that is fair to lay at his feet or not. Bure was the most exciting player we've had but it's a really complicated relationship and he was never very active in the community. Not retroactively of course but I like the idea of making the Ring Of Honour more inclusive with many members, while the retired numbers are very exclusive. I think after this amount of time has passed since we came into the league and not having won a Cup, perhaps the retired jerseys take on a bit of a different meaning. Like, in Vancouver, being active in the community may count just as much or more than the on ice success.
  8. So, what about John Shannon's tweet about different players?
  9. Luongo to Parkland Victims

    Maybe it was weird to give him the captaincy for those years but as you can see the guy truly is a leader
  10. Gagner played on the 4th line in Columbus the year before he came here with top PP time and got 50 points. There's no reason that couldn't happen with the twins if they have Boeser with them there.
  11. I would be okay with them staying with these conditions: - they sign 1 yr contracts - contracts are for between 3M-3.5M - they get less o-zone starts - they play 3rd line minutes - they do not play 3 on 3 OT I love the twins but I think the above points would help the team win more games overall.
  12. Right on for Vanek. If we kept him I wouldn't even be mad but it makes more sense to trade him at the deadline. This is the only place on the internet I won't get completely roasted for saying anything bad about Connor McDavid. Anything other than "he's the best in the world" and the mob comes out with pitchforks. Try it, people defend him to death.
  13. Islanders unveil plans for Belmont Park Arena at hearing

    This is huge. Good for them and their fans, always liked the Isles (was born post-'82).
  14. NY and Nashville - Anyone Going to the Games?

    I'm going to a game in NJ in late December, what is it about the location? Any advice you would give to someone going? I've been to MSG and it is a very nice arena - was surprised by how many escalators you have to take to get up. Barclays was okay, seats are a little smaller, more cramped, and some of them shouldn't be for sale. I like the arena in Dallas as well, the main concourse is ground level, it's set up pretty well. Got on the Jumbotron there too (was sitting behind some hot chicks).
  15. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Not using Google, just gonna take a wild guess: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Chicago, & Vegas (do they count?)?