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  1. Playing in the back alley as a kid, my moms bf spraypainted goal lines, blue lines and a centre line on the cement. I had lots of sticks, goalie equipment & 2 nets so all the neighbourhood kids would come over to play hockey every day. I remember pretending to be Bure or McLean, depending on what position I was playing at the time. Had the Road Warrior gear with Eddie Belfour's mask printed on the blocker... and the glove that couldn't catch a damn thing... haha. I remember wearing my Mighty Ducks jersey because another half Japanese guy from Vancouver made it big time... Ahhh the memories... I never was in organized hockey until renting a gym for drop-in ball hockey and joining a rec. league about 6 years ago. In my next decade I'll probably get nostalgic about those times. I like this thread!
  2. Keep him! For these reasons: 1. He'll provide intangibles; leadership, camaraderie, experience. These things are very important throughout the course of an 82 game season. Having as many young guys on the team as we do, he's someone they can look up to, someone who has come from the bottom, made it to the Show, and has been successful here. The Sedins are excellent leaders no doubt (you won't hear me say anything bad about them so don't jump to conclusions) but Burr is perhaps more relatable to the young guys. A French-Canadian guy who loves ball hockey. What's not to like? 2. It would be a classless thing to dump him now. After all he's done for the franchise, coming up through the minors, doing anything he could to make the team then making himself invaluable to the team, what more can you ask a hockey player to do? He signed arguably the best value contract in the entire NHL for 2M per season during his best years while putting up 50 points on the top line (plus PP & PK). As has been said, treating players properly is how a franchise earns its respect. And to a lesser degree... I wouldn't be surprised if he stays within the organization after retirement in some capacity similar to Manny Malhotra. Hard to do that if he's traded/waived/sent down. Although, it's not impossible (see: Trevor Linden). And he's scored some immensely valuable goals for us! 2009 SH breakaway goal on Cam Ward to stop the massive losing streak... 2009 playoffs, game 4 in OT on Chris Mason to sweep the Blues... 2011 playoffs, game 7 in OT on Corey Crawford to eliminate Chicago (he also scored our 1st goal of that game)... 2011 playoffs, game 2 in OT on Tim Thomas to which put us up 2-0 at the time... Let him play out this year, exit gracefully, and get a new contract elsewhere or transition into his next phase!
  3. Hmm.... only way we're winning this game is with a low score. I'm gonna say 2-1 Canucks with Miller standing on his head. 22 SOG for Van
  4. Wow, if there was a penalty free game in 1944 I'm going to go ahead and assume pretty much all the players were hungover/injured and Bill Chadwick must've been hungover too.
  5. Wow, if it really was something about Rypien that would be a whole new low. I can't see Danny or Hank reacting to your standard hockey chirping or even to trash talk about the 2011 finals. I wonder if there's any post game quotes from Daniel we could try to glean from? And that Denis Potvin blah blah is lame. I'm sure he had that quote ready for a Sedin. That's an example of how they still don't get their proper respect around the league. Good thing he had to eat crow and apologize shortly thereafter. Made himself look like a silly moron.
  6. Hurricanes in town when we're expecting a big storm... 4-2 Canucks, 2 of ours from the back-end
  7. 4-2 Canucks Edler with an interference call
  8. I liked Larsen a lot more than I did in the preseason, he's shifty and quick along the line. Hopefully we up our PP % because of him. Gudbranson had a great game, the check on Ferland's breakaway in the 1st (I think) was gorgeous, what a way to endear himself to the local crowd. Miller was unreal tonight, he came up big numerous times. Too bad he won't get the SO though, as he did enough earn one. Also, because of all the flack he's taken here, I have to give kudos to Sbisa. He played great tonight. As has been mentioned, his & Larsen's playing styles seem to mesh well together and his hit on Frolik really set the tone early. He's a slightly overpaid 3rd pairing defenseman who is capable of slotting in the top-4 should an injury happen. Nothing to complain about here. I'm gonna say Baertschi will have a good game tomorrow versus the Canes. Most of his goals scored last year were against eastern conference teams. Hopefully he can put another one top cheese on Lack. No lines/pairings had bad games tonight but I wouldn't be surprised if someone has to slot out to make room for Tryamkin and/or Skille tomorrow.
  9. Anyone kind enough to message me a feed?
  10. Went there in March for a Penguins game. Nice building, definitely some bad sightlines for hockey though. Seats they shouldn't be selling. I hope they can fix some of the problems they have there instead of having to change the arena again.
  11. I love Hansen, hope he stays a Canuck for a couple more years
  12. Oh ya, good factoid
  13. Yes I found that weird. Never seen that happen before
  14. I've seen enough spelling mistakes from Botchford that he shouldn't be on this list even if he did write decent articles.