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  1. I didn't wanna be that guy, he had his headphones in and was waiting in line. I considered it though!
  2. I think we're gonna win this one for the simple fact of I just bumped into Travis Green at Esso downtown. I said good luck the rest of the way, Travis. He smiled and said thanks. And that's my story, had to tell someone.
  3. Here's my personal top 5: 1. Bure OT goal vs. Flames in '94. I was 9 at the game with my uncle both head-to-toe in Canucks gear with the painted face and sign. Went down to the players exits after and got it signed by Quinn, Linden, Adams, Murzyn, MacIntyre, Hunter, and more. 2. Henrik Sedin 1000th point. I was at this game too. The fact it was a beautiful goal on Luongo and assisted by #22 & #23 made it even more special. 3. 2008/09 Playoffs vs. Chicago. Can't remember which game it was but it was the one where Luongo made that crazy rebound stick save on Eager. I got the tickets for free and sat next to the legend Jim Robson and his wife Bea in the lower bowl. Not bad. 4.Henrik's 4 point night versus Calgary. Sealed the Art Ross with beautiful hockey. 5. Going a bit off the board with this one, but the game last year versus Colorado where Petey had 5 points. He had an OT breakaway which drew the penalty Pouliot scored on, but if the ref had a brain he would've given Petey a penalty shot and chance for the hat trick.
  4. Hey Alf. I frequent these boards occasionally. I see you do too as you have posted over 45,000 times. That's pretty neat. I guess I'm happy for you that you've found an online community, a virtual safe space for you to voluntarily share your personal thoughts. However, in your earlier post trying to admonish the late great KOBE BRYANT, it makes me realize that, similar to the notion that not everyone should have children, not everyone should have a platform to share their opinion. You might have questions for what I mean by that but you don't deserve an explanation. You've shown me exactly where you are. When I come on these boards I have to hunt for gems within comments; I sift through pages to try to glean info, observations, and other noteworthy news from posters. You've shown me that you have absolutely nothing worthy to contribute. Instead, you are an online alter ego - a troll - a byproduct of our hyper-communicating world. I am now blocking your posts here on CDC so that I can raise the quality of what I read. Go fly a kite.
  5. The New York Islanders might get a bad rap but I think they deserve more credit. They've had lots of success (like Detroit, as your criteria suggested) in the past and have a large and knowledgeable fan base. The ownership and arena issues in past years may have sullied their reputation in some ways but once they sort out a new building they'll become successful again. Barclays is in an inconvenient part of the city for, what I would expect, most Isles fans to be travelling to. I went to a game in Brooklyn 3 years ago and sat next to a Penguins fan season-ticket holder from Long Island. We chatted a bit and he knew lots about the Canucks prospects and was an all around nice dude. The arena is not ideal but I had a great time. And I wished I knew more about the Pens prospects to chat about!
  6. Ukrainian and Japanese. Western Canadian here.
  7. Gonna bring a sign to the first game I go to this season 0 > 21
  8. Frankly, with the way Eriksson has played and treated the organization since he's arrived, I would be embarrassed to show my face here next year if I was him. I really hope he'll just waive his NMC/NTC. I really believe he's the cancer in the locker room and all the guys know it. I think it began with his contract and then extended to his complete lack of effort in every area.
  9. Fun Fact: The guy who tagged Tryamkin in the message is a dope local rapper who was a part of the group that had the Canucks rap song on the radio like 10 years ago.
  10. - Road trip from Vancouver to February - 2 or 3 Vancouver to Winnipeg road trips - 1 or 2 Vancouver to Calgary/Edmonton Greyhound trips - Seattle x3 - New York x2 - Portland - Dallas - Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam/Taiwan 2018 It's a bucket list thing of mine to see a NHL game in every arena. So far I've gotten Vancouver (PC & RA), Calgary, Edmonton, Dallas, New York (Manhattan & Brooklyn), & New Jersey. Got my tickets for Toronto later this year, fingers crossed they have a game scheduled during my trip.
  11. Just had a thought: Schaller is a placeholder for Gadjovich. When we signed the 3 UFA's this offseason I wondered what for but I wasn't thinking long-term. Seeing into the future, I think JG or someone like him will replace TS after his current contract expires.
  12. Good to hear. In full disclosure, I didn't catch that game. One thing I've noticed about Biega though is that his skating looks labor-intensive. He appears like he's not that smooth on skates. But if he can catch up to Gaudreau, all the power to him! Get those games you need for eligibility, Bulldog!