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  1. The atmosphere in the arena was amazing. That game was up near the top in terms of most epic Canuck moments I've been in the rink for. Sidenote, something else I really like is knowing that while all this adoration and cheering for Hank was going on Shawn Thornton had to sit there and just take it in. And then he watched his goalie congratulate our captain.
  2. At this point, I would keep Sbisa and here's why: The contract he's on now, many thought he was overpaid. He's been thrust into a top-2 role and has done well in it, averaging around 20 mins a game last time I checked. When he needs to be re-signed, even if he gets a raise, it will be for less than Gudbranson declined from FLA ($4.5M per). He provides physicality on the back end and has shown a few times he can rush the puck up ice - something I don't think Guddy can do. They both provide about the same amount of offense and both play on the PK (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that). Maybe I'll change my mind after Guddy comes back from his injury and plays for his next contract
  3. 3-2 Canucks Hank will get his 1000th point from an assist on a Danny goal. Also, FLA will have better analytics.
  4. Just don't start a new thread telling Benning to trade him after he has a bad game
  5. I don't like the NYT so I'm going to assume everything in this article is drivel and untrue! Christy Clark can be as overtly corrupt as she wants, just no more NYT articles!
  6. The game is being played in L.A., those are the colours the Kings have traditionally worn since their inception. Purple/Yellow & Black/White/Silver. I don't mind them to be honest, they're alright, but a Madison Ave. graduate would tell you it's genius.
  7. If he stuck with baseball he'd be swinging a bat in the dugout
  8. I went to the game and since I paid for that i'm joining the chorus: OUR POWERPLAY ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!
  9. 1-0 Canucks (G) Megna, (A) Desjardins
  10. The NHL, and sports in general, have become homogenized and sanded down. We're getting a version for the times. I fall asleep during games too. My biggest issue is the officiating. It's an old boys club closely aligned with the NHL brass. Too much reffing to the score, reffing to the period, or reffing differently in playoffs/regular season. It's opaque and leaves the refs free of any responsibility. Thinking of it further, they'd get eviscerated by the internet if they had to explain their calls in whatever forum it would be. Ya ya, they have a difficult job, it's the fastest team sport... All I know is I can't stand NHL officiating for the most part.
  11. Good article digging OP. The way I see it, if Mark the Mess wanted that number so bad Quinn should've foresaw the controversy that would ensue. Either have more correspondence with the Maki family prior to the signing or tell Mark the Mess to wear #13. That would be ideal, actually. It just bugs me that this franchise evokes such memories of bungling and unorganized chaos. Bungling referring to things like the OP, the treatment of Bure, and the almost-signing of Gretzky. Ham-handed bungling that, if done properly, could've meant many more pros than cons for this city. And by unorganized chaos I mean the riots, obviously - try debating hockey with any easterner, they love to bring it up. The irony therein is the fact that the Mess wanted #11 to continue his legacy as a player, yet his playing here tarnished his reputation and raised the ire of many. So many people that we're still talking about it to this day and will be in the future. I still can't even eat Lay's chips.
  12. Play the kid! And if he dresses, give him a bloody shift! If he can play on the 4th, that would be great Skille-Gaunce-Boucher
  13. I don't have the numbers but I don't think Willie's contract is for multi-millions of dollars. Regardless, as the head coach he should be doing what is best for the hockey team, not himself. He's settled in since he started but still isn't very savvy in speaking to the media. As a tanker (or, a realist) I wouldn't mind him staying the whole year because his coaching decisions over the duration of the 2nd half of the season will slowly creep up on us while other teams make the push for their playoff spots. If I'm Rodin, and I just won a league MVP award then I fly across the world to play and get sat an entire game by a (basically) rookie NHL coach, I'd be embarrassed. Willie makes weird decisions and spews ham-handed excuses to the media. Willie, to me, seems like a tit for tat, low ball kind of guy. Not who you'd want coaching a NHL team.
  14. I remember that but Shane O'Brien was on the Avs at that time too and I think whoever the vet was who said that could've been talking about SOB. If you've heard anything about how that was Duchene being referred to I'd love to hear it
  15. If Gaunce was playing with ANY confidence he would've shot that. I'm rooting for the guy but....