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  1. Fun Fact: The guy who tagged Tryamkin in the message is a dope local rapper who was a part of the group that had the Canucks rap song on the radio like 10 years ago.
  2. - Road trip from Vancouver to February - 2 or 3 Vancouver to Winnipeg road trips - 1 or 2 Vancouver to Calgary/Edmonton Greyhound trips - Seattle x3 - New York x2 - Portland - Dallas - Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam/Taiwan 2018 It's a bucket list thing of mine to see a NHL game in every arena. So far I've gotten Vancouver (PC & RA), Calgary, Edmonton, Dallas, New York (Manhattan & Brooklyn), & New Jersey. Got my tickets for Toronto later this year, fingers crossed they have a game scheduled during my trip.
  3. No prob. There are probably people out there just dying to use random photos on their hard drive to post. :-)

  4. Thanks. :)

    I didn't DARE go back into that PGT thread. Too dangerous.