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  1. Went there in March for a Penguins game. Nice building, definitely some bad sightlines for hockey though. Seats they shouldn't be selling. I hope they can fix some of the problems they have there instead of having to change the arena again.
  2. I love Hansen, hope he stays a Canuck for a couple more years
  3. Oh ya, good factoid
  4. Yes I found that weird. Never seen that happen before
  5. I've seen enough spelling mistakes from Botchford that he shouldn't be on this list even if he did write decent articles.
  6. They need Orpik back and they're pretty much set for a run
  7. Wonder what Clitsome's nickname is
  8. Love it
  9. Hahaha. Good fine.
  10. Confused by Kenins' positioning on that last shift.
  11. Ana in 6
  12. TB in 6
  13. Mtl in 6