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  1. Congrats to Lu - moving up in all time wins - Luuuu

    Not using Google, just gonna take a wild guess: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Chicago, & Vegas (do they count?)?
  2. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    The shape of Matt Murray's face is perfect for a goalie mask. What did that beat writer have to say after this game? Hope his page is flooded with comments
  3. At what point for Brocket Boeser

    Tough to call him one of the best in the league before he's played a full season - even if people are sensing he's on the cusp. Hoping he hits 25-30-55, maybe could even do better, don't want to set expectations too high this early though.
  4. Anders Nilsson’s new mask

    Anybody know a site that has pics of contemporary NHL goalie masks throughout the seasons? I'd like to see a series of Luongo's masks while he was here. His 06-07 one was my favourite.
  5. Canuck Point Projections (1/4 mark of the season)

    I'd have to agree that this is pointless. Could've done it 10 games ago and called it the 1/8th mark of the season.
  6. [GDT] Nuckz vz Penquinz 4:00PM PST (SNP/SN650) (Nov 22)

    Nice GDT. 4-3 in OT, a d-man wins it.
  7. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks

    I wasn't able to watch the game but I saw the highlights. Was in utter dismay when I saw Tierney given a PS with 12 secs to go in a 4-0 game when he still got a shot off on the breakaway and it was barely a penalty to begin with.... I've lived through 2011 and many other bush-league decisions, but can someone tell me if something happened in the game that put the ref against us? Did we have a player chirping at the refs all night? Did someone accidentally hit him or shoot the puck at him? This just seems so....beneath a professional referee that I can barely comprehend it. It honestly seems like revenge for something. Who was that referee?
  8. Stanley Cup Finals Canucks vs Leafs

    That damn Lafayette! I was in the Saddledome for game 7 that year, double OT...
  9. NHL loudest away crowds

    Agreed! The maroon colour is the last remnant of the Orca Bay/WCE era and I think it's time to move on. There's always upgrades to the arena in the off season, I hope the seats are next
  10. What's happening with the Coyotes??

    It starts at the top, Chayka sucks and should be in an assistants role, not the GM, if anything. They didn't bring back their longtime captain & franchise leader Doan or their workhorse #1 goalie Smith. SD isn't a dominant power forward anymore and MS isn't a top-10 goalie in the league but those vets provided leadership and held them in games throughout stretches - leadership these young 'Yotes are now finding themselves in need of. The players they brought in are not suited for the roles they are assigned for. Stepan is not a #1 centre, Raanta isn't a #1 goalie, Hjalmarsson is more of a 2nd pairing dman... Plus, young players of theirs seem to have taken steps back: Domi hasn't been as dynamic as his rookie season, Duclair had 40 pts a couple seasons ago and has regressed since, Domingue should be in the AHL seasoning his game, etc... I really think they made a mistake when they got rid of Dave Tippett. He got a lot out of that team and knew them, and the market, inside and out.
  11. The Sedin 1000 Points Watch

    Now if you can get your 1000th at home versus Vegas on the 16th, Danny, that would be great...
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Detroit Red Wings

    It may have been said already, but I think Gudbranson has 3 hit posts in his last 3 GP...
  13. Montreal is no good

    I liked the trade for Benn, however minor it was, but other than that Bergevin hasn't impressed me much. Trading away Subban and Sergachev, losing Markov and waiving Streit equals a depleted blueline - and Alzner plus a young Mete aren't going to save their chops. Also, it's my theory that your goalie should not be your highest paid player. If Bergevin didn't pay up though, another GM would've, so I'll give him that.
  14. Leafs Koolaid: Matthews is better than McDavid!!

    I think Matthews is better than McDavid