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  1. Was going to start a new topic but I think I'll try to revive this one. I'm heading down to NYC at the end of the year. Last time I went I saw games in Brooklyn & MSG, this time I'm planning on going to New Jersey for a game versus Detroit. Has anybody been to the Prudential Center before who can give any tips/info? Was thinking of grabbing my ticket now off StubHub but might hold off and grab from a scalper - but I've also heard that the first game after Christmas is always a sellout so I'm not too sure what to expect. I've only bought off scalpers twice and had no problems. Newark is a bit different though. Cheers!
  2. Guess we got someone new in charge of Vancouver's Hockey Systems...
  3. I hope he goes to a new team so he has another jersey He'll probably stay in the East though. Wonder if he'd work in Columbus?
  4. Rangers Lightning Sharks Avalanche Canucks
  5. What I've read about Patrick isn't particularly gleaming. My hope is we pick #2 and Hischier is still available
  6. What was with the story of Edler not passing to Boeser? Can someone elaborate? Too lazy to sift through the GDT pages
  7. I wish I cared less about her saying that while she holds the position she does.
  8. I was at the season finale a couple weeks ago between these two teams. Everett won that game too. Too bad Victoria couldn't come back but Hart is a pretty good goalie. Good luck to Everett
  9. I have nada good to say about Willie. I could see the writing on the wall a couple months ago and hoped they could just finish the season not on a high note but on the high road. He was the wrong guy for this job every single day since 3 years ago. Some people act like Bo would be in the ECHL if it weren't for Willie but I know better than that.
  10. I'm a hip-hop fan at heart but I like hearing heavy metal at a game. It makes sense. However, as they say, you can't please everybody, so some people are going to dislike whichever song they choose. As long as it's nothing too soft. That's the reason I hate the U2 intro. It has the feeling of a life insurance commercial or a movie montage... I'd rather plug in my earbuds and listen to literally anything else. It's not apt for a hockey game at all.
  11. Don't faint if I disagree with the majority in this thread, but... I once met Willie in his first year here. I cannot say he came across as a likeable or stand up guy, the exact opposite actually. Just vaguely sharing my personal experience with the man.
  12. I bet Lehner is still punching drywall somewhere in Buffalo
  13. Maybe it partially has to do with the franchise having so many different sweater variations over the years. Think about it, there's the current blue/green, 90's black/red/yellow, 80's yellow/red/black, Millionaires maroon/cream, 00's navy/burgundy, and then white if said attendee is wearing an away jersey. So from watching TV it can appear like a mishmash of jerseys (which it is, I guess) but they're all jerseys of the same team. Whereas if you're at a Flyers game you're only gonna see orange, Flames game you'll see red, Wild game you'll see green, and so on.
  14. Unfortunately the building isn't set up for hockey but it's still a nice arena and in, what I thought, was a good area. Sat next to a season-ticket holding Penguins fan from Long Island when I was there and he knew his stuff. The New York accents you hear yelling at the players is just awesome too. I loved it. Hopefully they stay in NYC. Their fanbase isn't gigantic, comparatively, but they're loyal.
  15. What do you call an elephant with a rhinoceros? - 'Elephino A man went to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor had bad news. "Sorry sir, but it looks like you have cancer and Alzheimer's" The man sighed and said "well, thank god I don't have cancer!"