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  1. [Signing] Mike Richards to Washington Capitals

    They need Orpik back and they're pretty much set for a run 
  2. What is the best name in hockey?

    Wonder what Clitsome's nickname is
  3. Eddie Lack's New Mask Has Luongo's Face On It

    Love it
  4. Hartley fined 50,000 by NHL. Engeland suspension rescinded

    Hahaha. Good fine.
  5. [GDT] R1G1 - Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary Flames - April 15, 2015

    Confused by Kenins' positioning on that last shift.
  6. PDSF: (1) Anaheim Ducks vs (4) Winnipeg Jets

    Ana in 6
  7. CDSF: (2) Nashville Predators vs (3) Chicago Blackhawks

    Nsh in 6
  8. ADSF: (2) Tampa Bay Lightning vs (3) Detroit Red Wings

    TB in 6
  9. ADSF: (1) Montreal Canadiens vs (4) Ottawa Senators

    Mtl in 6
  10. CDSF: (1) St. Louis Blues vs (4) Minnesota Wild

    StL in 6
  11. MDSF: (2) Washington Capitals vs (3) New York Islanders

    NYI in 7
  12. MDSF: (1) New York Rangers vs (4) Pittsburgh Penguins

    NYR in 5
  13. Favourite Plays of 2014/15

    Favourite play of the regular season. I liked Daniel's OT goal versus the Canadiéns. Being in overtime made it more thrilling, it was on Price, Subban was on the ice for it, and it was a pretty chippy game although it was relatively early in the season between teams without much of a rivalry.
  14. Since 2011...

    The game where Hodgson scored the GWG was really intense, I consider that one game 8. Since then, a game against the Bruins is just another game - that we realllllly wanna win.