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  1. I bet Lehner is still punching drywall somewhere in Buffalo
  2. Maybe it partially has to do with the franchise having so many different sweater variations over the years. Think about it, there's the current blue/green, 90's black/red/yellow, 80's yellow/red/black, Millionaires maroon/cream, 00's navy/burgundy, and then white if said attendee is wearing an away jersey. So from watching TV it can appear like a mishmash of jerseys (which it is, I guess) but they're all jerseys of the same team. Whereas if you're at a Flyers game you're only gonna see orange, Flames game you'll see red, Wild game you'll see green, and so on.
  3. Unfortunately the building isn't set up for hockey but it's still a nice arena and in, what I thought, was a good area. Sat next to a season-ticket holding Penguins fan from Long Island when I was there and he knew his stuff. The New York accents you hear yelling at the players is just awesome too. I loved it. Hopefully they stay in NYC. Their fanbase isn't gigantic, comparatively, but they're loyal.
  4. What do you call an elephant with a rhinoceros? - 'Elephino A man went to the doctor for a check-up. The doctor had bad news. "Sorry sir, but it looks like you have cancer and Alzheimer's" The man sighed and said "well, thank god I don't have cancer!"
  5. He has a good knowledge of random statistics. When I watch feeds from other cities, their announcers haven't got half the info Shorty provides.
  6. Hypothetically speaking, if we sign Miller to a 2-year contract, what do we do with Markstrom? I felt at the start of the season that could handle being the starter but this far into the season now I'm not too sure. Maybe he's best suited to a 1A/1B set up like St Louis had with Allen & Elliot.
  7. Good thread. I'm not in a band, however, I make rap music. I was fortunate enough to go to game 7 Canucks versus Flames in '94 and I made a song and video about it. ...I have no idea how to post the video in here, but here's the link if anyone wants to check it out. Cheers
  8. The atmosphere in the arena was amazing. That game was up near the top in terms of most epic Canuck moments I've been in the rink for. Sidenote, something else I really like is knowing that while all this adoration and cheering for Hank was going on Shawn Thornton had to sit there and just take it in. And then he watched his goalie congratulate our captain.
  9. At this point, I would keep Sbisa and here's why: The contract he's on now, many thought he was overpaid. He's been thrust into a top-2 role and has done well in it, averaging around 20 mins a game last time I checked. When he needs to be re-signed, even if he gets a raise, it will be for less than Gudbranson declined from FLA ($4.5M per). He provides physicality on the back end and has shown a few times he can rush the puck up ice - something I don't think Guddy can do. They both provide about the same amount of offense and both play on the PK (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that). Maybe I'll change my mind after Guddy comes back from his injury and plays for his next contract
  10. 3-2 Canucks Hank will get his 1000th point from an assist on a Danny goal. Also, FLA will have better analytics.
  11. Just don't start a new thread telling Benning to trade him after he has a bad game
  12. I don't like the NYT so I'm going to assume everything in this article is drivel and untrue! Christy Clark can be as overtly corrupt as she wants, just no more NYT articles!
  13. The game is being played in L.A., those are the colours the Kings have traditionally worn since their inception. Purple/Yellow & Black/White/Silver. I don't mind them to be honest, they're alright, but a Madison Ave. graduate would tell you it's genius.
  14. If he stuck with baseball he'd be swinging a bat in the dugout
  15. I went to the game and since I paid for that i'm joining the chorus: OUR POWERPLAY ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!