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  1. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

    Hmm.. I was always under the impression that it happened everywhere. I've never been to GM place (*gasp*), I heard it first in Ottawa.
  2. Woo Woo Woo, You Know It!

    "There's the annoying (yet unimaginative) opposing team's goalie chants, a trend that started in the i've been hearing the goalie chant for years, didn't it start earlier than that?
  3. Stop saying "Two Thousand."

    I have no problem with moving to 'twenty', but saying two thousand isn't quite like saying one thousand nine hundred, we currently don't have a hundred to worry about in the year.
  4. Hello :3

    Thanks for the comment!

    The Ayn Rand quote was from a Criminal Minds episode and I thought it was really fitting for this forum since I debate and argue a lot here with a ton of boneheads lol But yes! I found it a funny coincidence that Welly read her books. Kinda funny & cool. That guy is so awesome :P

  5. I'd just like to say I love those little clips, especially peanut butter welly time. And I'm also curious to know whether you having a quote from Ayn Rand has anything to do with Wellwood reading one of his books?

  6. Hello to you btw:) actually..good night xP

  7. thank you!!:D, I can't believe I couldn't figure out the difference between o and a LOL.

  8. Just fyi, it's Малкин. for your sig I mean :)