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  1. Is Luongo sitting out again because he's in play?

    You can sit Luongo the rest of the season. But Vancouver does not know how to treat its players.. They traded away Bure, Naslund. Linnden etc etc Luongo has been your goalie for the last 8 years ..The whole world expected him to be in nets for this one. Lack of class ..again attracting negative attention to this team around the league. Now Kesler wants out of this team .WHY?
  2. Is Luongo sitting out again because he's in play?

    Luongo is not starting because Gillis & co have no class.. You can put Lack every game except this one. Did they put Schneider in their outdoor game in New Jersey .No. No they put Brodeur out of respect for him, even though now they are looking to trade him. Kesler looks pissed ..wants out.Noone will want to come and play here in vancouver anymore. This organization is showing its classless.