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  1. Yea he did actually, in the Chicago series.
  2. The guy's the reason I started watching Hockey
  3. Agh yes, exactly my point. But it seems as though, since it's "King" Henrik, it's totally ok for him to let in 12 goals in 2 games. Cause, he's King? He wouldn't be King if he played in this city, that's for sure.
  4. Henrik has let in 12 goals now in 2 games, Talbot played solid in 34 games started, should he start in game 4?
  5. Henrik has let in 12 goals in his last two games. Talbot played excellently in the regular season for the 34 games he started. With Henrik under performing, should Talbot start for game 4?
  6. Tanev is NOT EVEN CLOSE to Hammer's level of play. Nice try.
  7. I never thought i'd cheer for Kesler after his ditching on the Canucks, BUT SCREW THE FLAMES! LIGHT EM UP ANAHEIM!
  8. Get rid of Miller. Playoff under performer for 8 years now. Doesn't fit in team. Same with Vrbata.
  9. Emails date back to 2007, i'm not going to bother reading.
  10. Get rid of 6 mil Miller and 5 Mil Vrbata, players who can't perform in playoffs. That's what this team needs to start moving in the right direction.
  11. About 80% of team was horrible. Somone get rid of Vrbata and Miller please. I hope in the future Benning doesn't sign anymore playoff under performers.
  12. Get rid of Vrbata and Miller, BOOM 11 million in cap space. Sign whoever you want!
  13. 1st step, Get rid of Miller. His last good playoff run was 8 years ago. He needs to go.
  14. People keep saying, "We should be glad we made the playoffs". No, i don't give a sh*t. That was horrible, i'm sure the team is just as disappointed in themselves as we are in them. Sedins are not the problem. Our problems.... 1) No depth scoring. Vrbata, 5 million cap hit, did nothing this series. That's disgusting 2) We need someone on the point who is an offensive threat. We have none of that. 3) Defence is not good enough. Sbisa and Weber need to go. Sbisa is just no good, Weber has a nice shot, but that's not enough. Juice will go when his contract is up, or he'll be a Canuck for much cheaper, which is fine. Everyone else on D is fine. 4) We need a goaltender capable of playoff Hockey. Lack is not ready, doesn't matter how much ya'll love his personality, he's not ready. Miller's last good playoff run was 8 years ago, wth please. 5) Hitters. Other than Kassian, who was not even in this series, we have no physicality. We had all that in the 2011 Cup run. Kesler for secondary scoring. Ehroff as a threat on the point. Our D was prime, Luongo was brilliant for most part, Torres, Maxim Lapieree, and Victor Oreskovich for hitting. Probably would've been champs if it wasn't for Hamhius and Manny Malhotra injury. But that's in the past, so whatever. It'll be a while till we have all that to make a Cup run, and the team will look a lot different from what we have right now. One good thing in this series, Horvat. Thank you Horvat for being promise. The cup is what Vancouver needs, nothing less will do.
  15. Kesler I hope you destroy these kids.