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  1. The only update in the new NHL 18
  2. Fitness testing says they're the best we've got...
  3. Canucks were the more physical of the two, weren't running people but everyone finished their checks and laid the body when they could. Biega caught one of the Kings pretty good along the sideboards but he popped up after. Ryan White got hammered in the neutral zone (forget who it was but he was a big dude) and Pedan stepped up to fight (didn't win but held his own). Virtanen was all over the ice hitting everything that moved and both Biega and Gudbranson stood out for me as being real stiff and physical along the boards in their own end.
  4. WOW! Great job Benning and Co! If he keeps improving at the same pace he has been this will be a steal.
  5. Option 3: Treat every prospect like their own unique player that develops at their own unique pace as opposed to a piece of meat that can be summed up in a generic poll. Prospects aren't microwave dinners, you can't just pop them in, set a timer and take them out when they're done. If every prospect could be put into category A or B then there would be a lot more teams pumping out hot new prospects every year.
  6. As far as someone I'd like to see in the top 20 that didn't make the cut it would have to be Joe Labate. His willingness to grind and do whatever he needed to do to stick in the lineup was impressive and it's not as if his production (little under 0.5 PPG) disqualifies him from being able to contribute on the ice with more than physicality.
  7. Happy birthday Sam! Regardless of if he slots in with Horvat, rides shotgun with the twins or just supplements our bottom six I'm excited to see what he brings to the team.
  8. It sure helps being a year in the future eh
  9. Labate posted some videos of him doing some combat training to his Instagram. Maybe it was something suggested by management at the end of year meetings?
  10. I didn't mind Raymond while he was here but so far Baertschi has shown more push back in a couple years than Raymond did in his whole career.
  11. If @-Vintage Canuck- has so much influence with all of his well thought out, logical posts then why is most of this forum so dysfunctional and bipolar. Keep up the great work Vintage!
  12. Good! He showed a lot of promise last year and by all accounts wasn't in the best shape so I'm excited to see what his does this season.
  13. Snarky sarcastic fan base? Check!