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  1. Back on topic, Mackewan is exactly what this fan base has been calling for for years so how can he not be worth the risk of a contract spot. For the haters who say he wasn't worth it then why were we competing with other teams to get him signed?
  2. http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/137145?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Burrows had a fight today and I happened to notice on the replay that they had Stephane Auger doing guest colour. Would any French speaking peeps be able to translate what he said?
  3. Yeah who likes players who try hard anyway
  4. The fact that Bourdon's name is even brought up in a bust conversation makes me sick. Shame on you.
  5. You're right, he'll get working on that Megna-Mcdavid swap right away.
  6. Yep. Those out of conference points lost to another rebuilding team are really gonna come back to bite us.
  7. Might as well! He'll be looking for an NHL contract next year so it would be nice to get him some games down the stretch.
  8. A second for Baertschi/Lazar seems to be fairly straight across value but with the ED coming up its more like a second for Lazar and a player to be named later (possibly even Lazar). The Hansen/Goldobin deal is also a good deal but with Goldobin having exemption status come the draft it now looks more like Hansen for Goldobin, a conditional 4th and retaining Granlund.
  9. I got you covered
  10. Wow, really?
  11. How about we trade Juolevi, Sutter our 1st and Dorsett (cap reasons) for Marleau and Thornton? Ottawa has spent too many years building a strong young core to throw it all away on over 35 superstars (no offence to the Sedins)
  12. So what's your explanation? They're aliens from another planet sent to advance our athletic abilities? Or were they just blessed from birth by a divine power to have superhuman attributes.
  13. There's a difference between tanking to go from 29th to 30th with 20 games left with Mario Lemieux on the line and going into a season trying to miss the playoffs for Nolan Patrick.
  14. If you're like me and don't believe in "God given talent" (not trying to be contentious about religion, just the concept of naturally being born into a talent) then the only differences between Brendan Gaunce and Connor Mcdavid is time, commitment, effort and mental makeup with a few physical and mental genetic predispositions thrown into the mix. Not trying to say that Gaunce will ever make an all star team, but rather that a player mentally committing himself to his craft and having a healthy mind makes a huge difference in their career. Horvat didn't naturally become faster, he willed and pushed himself to be better through mental strength and fortitude. Does it really seem healthy to take someone's mental makeup and tell them you're trying to lose on purpose? The brain doesn't just switch on and off like a light, keeping players with a winning mentality is huge in both developing individually and as a team. Sorry this is coming off a little ranty but I just can't wrap my head around the concept of intentionally sucking for league mandated bailouts. What happened to being proud of our team? No matter how much you get chirped by an Oiler fan for their Gretzky gift wrapped cups, you can always say that at least we didn't suck so badly we had to throw away a decade of hockey history to luck out in a lottery.
  15. Wheres Buffalo right now? And Pittsburgh didn't even tank! That's the point I've been trying to make, they didn't get Crosby and Malkin because they razed their whole lineup and burned their system to the ground to start over, they got them because they sucked. It always surprised me that people forget how close the Blackhawks were to relocation, or the talks of the Penguins moving if they couldn't secure an arena deal. Being a team like Vancouver that owns assets and pieces that can make them competitive and then flushing it down the drain to literally play a lottery is just stupid.