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  1. Maybe because after years of harassment, oppression and societal judgement they have the right to a public celebration of their lifestyle and beliefs?
  2. Bridge deal. No reason to lock ourselves into two centreman for the next half a decade. Bo has shown a ton of promise but it's in everyone's best interest and financial wellbeing to take it in steps at this point.
  3. Because why pay Eriksson 6 mil a year when we could pay the same to Dustin Brown, Mike Green or Jordan Eberle
  4. How was it poorly handled? GMJB got low balled at the deadline and rather than set a poor precedent for the organization he held onto his asset and bought some more time to make a decision. Philip Larsen wasn't a concrete commitment to the roster, Tryamkin was still in Russia, and the Gudbranson trade hadn't happened yet. There was a 50/50 chance that Hammer would have had a spot on the team this year and judging by how upset you are that he's gone, that possibility was probably worth more than the potential 4th round pick we would have got in return. The only inexperience Benning has is in regards to talking in front of a microphone and being in front of a camera. His NHL tenure has been extensive and his resume impressive, I don't understand where this "inexperienced" idea is coming from.
  5. Hahah very true. Juolevi doesn't quite have the shot of Salo but hopefully he brings what we've been missing since Salo left. The closest we've had to that calm, composed demeanour has been Tanev but it hasn't carried over to the offensive end.
  6. How so?
  7. For the better part of a decade this city got to enjoy the perennially underrated (though frequently injured) play of one of the leagues most consistent two way defenseman. An often overlooked part of a multi time presidents trophy winning team, he was usually associated with his hard point shot but in reality he did so much more to help his team win. Aside from their Finnish heritage, seeing Juolevi's scouting report I couldn't help but think of the man with balls of steel. "A competitive spark-plug, Olli Juolevi is a complete, all-around defenceman who can hem the opposition in their own end or make things difficult for the opposition at home; either way, he puts the pressure on and lays it on thick. A strong and balanced skater, he can rush the puck through the neutral zone with ease or backcheck with haste. Uses his size to his advantage, but knows his physical limits and plays within them. Instead of playing overly physical, he makes his presence felt by exhibiting his high-end playmaking ability and puck possession play. All-in-all, a well-rounded blueliner who thrives under pressure and can be trusted in all situations. (Curtis Joe, EP 2016)" Both two way talents with the ability to play a high IQ game at both ends of the ice. Plays defence with the stick more than the body and very trustworthy with the puck. Best case scenario I see Juolevi as a Pietrangelo/Josi type of player, worst case he's a reliable middle pairing defenseman that every team needs. Would you be happy with another ten years of Sami Salo?
  8. Stockpiling draft picks is equivalent to buying as many lottery tickets as you can and hoping to win some money. There's strategy to making use of those picks but at the end of the day you're rolling the dice on imaginary value, nothing tangible. Benning is going out and finding immediate assets to help supplement this team and lead the franchise in the right direction. The Leafs are essentially a McDonald's franchise at this point, full of kids of varying potential and maturity who are pretty much going to be raising each other. Some may bottom out, others may turn out great but who knows if it will even be for the leafs. Their franchise is at the bottom of the barrel so the harm of throwing all of your eggs in the draft lottery basket is minimized.
  9. Guess you should go become a leafs fan then...
  10. Tkachuk = ohl Virtanen = whl Boeser = NCAA
  11. The game has evolved now to the point where it doesn't matter how much skill you have in your top 6, without a puck moving D you'll never achieve your full offensive potential. One of the things the Golden State Warriors credited their championship to was ball movement, saying that no matter how fast the players move the ball can always move faster. Part of our end to end success in our Presidents Trophy winning years was having a guy like Sami Salo on the back end moving the puck up the ice. High hockey IQ, good shot, played well positionally and knew how to turn the puck back up ice in a hurry. I'm feeling good things to come for Vancouver...
  12. Scouting isn't only applied when it comes to picking at a podium. I'm sure players like Baertschi, Vey, Pedan, Etem, Granlund etc were all scouted just like Benning would for any draft pick. If he sees something that makes him believe he's getting a better deal than what's in the second round then it makes sense to pull the trigger.
  13. I'd be thrilled with another Mitchell as well but he has some interesting points in the interview. He entered the league as an 18 year old and when he wasn't hurt he was trying to find his role on a team with staff and player turnover up the wazoo. Once he finally started to feel comfortable, the team already had offensive pieces in place to carry the load on the PP and in offensive situations so he took the grinder minutes. In Vancouver he has an opportunity to really establish some of his offensive side that never came through behind Campbell and Ekblad so for all we know, he could put up 25 points next year.
  14. I'm excited to see Edler have a bounce back year with some more supporting pieces in place. When he has to supply the physicality, the PP shot, the puck moving, the PK defence and the leadership it's easy to see how he can be overwhelmed. It's like having a deeper batting order in a baseball lineup, the more protection you get the better the pitches you're going to see. Maybe with other players taking some of the load off he'll have some matchups that he can take advantage of.