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  1. The fact there are 6 defencemen and 14 non-defencemen to a team, and that there are traditionally more forwards taken in the top 10, would help make this disparity (if your claim is true) more proportionate.
  2. Having watched most of Kassian's games this year, I for one am super excited to see him on the Canucks. Yeah he's not putting up huge points, but the guy gets loads of chances every game. The guy is a scoring chance machine; he's just not burying them. Kassian is such an awesome player and makes so many great down low plays and is always noticeable on the ice. If you watched him play, how can you not be crazy-optimistic about him??
  3. Without reputation, you are nothing

  4. LOL at your avatar. The video froze on Samuelsson's face like that for me too.

  5. Why don't you try Ikea? They have a swedeshop/bistro with tons of that kind of stuff.