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  1. The fact the Canucks are out of the running for Lucic is great. Someone is going to overpay him on a six year contract worth probably around 6 million a season. Probably something you don't want on the books for the next 6 years.
  2. Erikkson for 6 years is not ideal. If you are going to throw a 6 year contract at someone it should be Okposo. For someone like Erikkson I would go 4 years max. However, a 4 year deal won't get him in a Canucks jersey.
  3. How Edmonton didn't get more in this trade baffles me. I understand the fact that they needed to move someone because most likely they will sign Milan Lucic. However, the fact that they moved Hall for just one piece...does not make much sense.
  4. Great Deal for Columbus. I was thinking Jones could have commanded around 6 million a year.
  5. Sbisa is a slow blue liner on a bad contract. How in the world do you think he could fetch a 1st round pick!?! No Way!
  6. Great deal for the Leafs! This is going to be a busy/fun week!
  7. Wow! Good for Nashville to get a third!
  8. They really turned it around after that opening game. I'm taking them tonight against Rouyn-Naranda...however, I still think it will pretty difficult for one of these teams in the semi-final to knock of London on Sunday.
  9. I don't mind the trade. I know giving up the 2nd round pick is tough. However, I feel this is the right move for the hockey club.
  10. London making a statement in the opener tonight. Very interested to see the match up between the Wheat Kings and Huskies on Saturday. Red Deer will be lucky to win a game in the round robin.
  11. None of them fit in Vancouver. Boyle will most likely retire. Staal will probably sign a 2-3 year deal with a club around 3.5 mill per, and be a depth player. Dominic Moore on the other hand I could see signing a one year deal down in Florida.
  12. There is no need to rush him into wearing a letter when we have a number of capable vets who are able to wear them. Let the kid play. He will have a letter in a few years.
  13. Business is about to pick up!!!
  14. Like I mentioned earlier...Kelowna is peaking at the perfect time. 7 wins in a row, just swept one of the top teams in the CHL, and now heading to the Memorial Cup. Looking forward to see how they matchup against Quebec and Rimouski. However, I do feel Kelowna has to be the favourite going into the tournament.
  15. No sense of rushing him. It will be best for his development to go to Utica for a season or two. One game away from the Memorial Cup too which will be a great experience for him also