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  1. I had a few questions that I was hoping one of you could answer. Is it possible for a team to play their prized first rounder (ex: Jensen) in more than 10 games in the regular season next year, burning the first year of his contract and them sending him down to develop in the AHL? Or if they send him down after 10 games, does he go back to the OHL until next year with his first year of the contract burned? Or must he stay with Vancouver the full year and continue to develop there? This would seem like an option for players who are too good for the OHL but not quite ready for the NHL. Thoughts?
  2. ^ actually I'm just assuming its a 3 year deal because it is an entry level contract, don't take my word for it though...
  3. Nice, the Canucks just signed him to a 3 year deal.
  4. Im sure its already been posted but...
  5. THIS! People on CDC need to realize that power forwards take longer to develop and mature into their position. Also this kid is a full year younger than Hodgson so if anyone should decide to compare the two, they should be comparing Zack to last years Cody. Who wouldn't have made this trade last year? On another note, Saturday's game against Buffalo is gonna be awkwardly awesome lol
  6. I play and coach rep hockey and I find the transition from centre to the wing isn't a huge adjustment for a player. Being a winger, you would have less responsibilities in your own end and a simpler game plan to follow. Its more of a north to south game that wingers play compared to centres that need to cover more of the open ice. But centres do have more ice to work with and with Jordan's skill set and play making abilities, you would rather have him at centre because he would get to touch the puck more often. Also your best player on a line should be the centreman and seeing how competitive Schroeder is, he would thrive knowing he'd be the leader of his line.