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  1. Woman arrested for throwing poop in a Langley Tim Hortons.

    This was a really crappy situation
  2. Tell me about Kelowna

    I moved here in July 2016 from Coquitlam. We thought about Joe Rich but settled on a quaint older suburb in south east Kelowna. We've VERY happy we didn't choose Joe Rich, for us it's way too far away from town. I live two minutes from great mountain biking and hiking, 12 minutes from the lake & beach. We moved here to cash out of GVR housing (we sold in a sellers market and bought in a buyers market, ya us, very fortunate). We have young kids (4&7) and they handled the changes just fine. It's big town with small town people, if that makes any sense. We find the people a little cliquey. I've had no issues finding new friends, but my wife has struggled a bit. Also, a lot of old people, so get ready to go slow wherever you go! A lot of red plates . We moved here for the four seasons, but the last two winters have been so long, especially this year, BUT once it turns to Spring, it's gorgeous here. Big White was a big plus for us, we chuckled every time people said it was busy, most of the time there were no line ups - amazing conditions and a fun mountain, great for the kids to learn on. Anyway, we miss the three F's: Friends, Family and Food. The food is fine here, but no where near the variety you find in Vancouver. Friends and Family are always showing up, of course! Verdict? We'd move here again.
  3. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I swear he was double and triple shifted tonight in the third. I like what I see from him, just needs to drive the net. His speed will also draw penalties (should have drawn one on that hook!)
  4. I think it's a hard cycle to break. I think the gang lifestyle appeals to youths because of peer influence (typically parents are no longer #1 in kids lives @ age 11, right?), to an adolescent it can appear to be exhilarating/sexy world, and gives a sense of family/brotherhood for those who don't get it elsewhere. But how do you repair broken homes/people? Social & cultural grass roots programs I suppose but those take years and may not improve it.
  5. Ghosts and other unexplainables

    I was enjoying this thread just fine until it turned into a train wreck. Someone post something scary quick!
  6. Comic Collectors/ Comic Collection

    90% of my books are bagged and boarded. Many of them before I even owned them. I bought my bags and boards bulk from the states when our dollar was better then there's. I never use mylar. When I was hardcore into buying and selling, I used and a few other sites to validate pricing. However, I find that I rarely buy collections anymore, people are just too emotional or uneducated about pricing, they typically want too much. I typically tell them retail value, and then what I want to buy it at. I'd say for every 10 trips to see a collection, I buy 1.
  7. Comic Collectors/ Comic Collection

    thanks for the postings everyone. Neat to see. I have approx 75,000 books. I've been collecting since I was 6. I now buy and sell as a hobby/small business. I've been speculating (buying up first appearances of characters hoping they appear in a movie). For example, I sold a first appearance of Howard the Duck 9.0 for $650 USD the day after he showed up in the post scene credits of GoTG 1. I bought it for $32 dollars.
  8. i quit - have You?

    Terrarium TV/ Chromescast for TV/Movies (free). Google Music for streaming music (family plan is 14 bucks a month)
  9. Canucks fans are ready to go Green

    build a bridge to Vancouver island!
  10. oh please leave! Ignorant red plates!
  11. Bravo on leading Finland! and Canada continues to follow...
  12. (Proposal) Claude Julien next Canuck head coach?

    Julien coaches BORING hockey no thank you!
  13. Bro jake sucks that's why the hate! Super awkward vocal delivery and irrelevant sports questions.
  14. canada letter post

    Why when you can post on CDC and ask?
  15. [GDT] SABRES AT CANUCKS, OCT 20TH, 2016, 7PM, SN 360, TSN 1040

    What a POS system they have for channel selection