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  1. What a POS system they have for channel selection
  3. Disturbing, I have a friend who lives in that area. Things were already tense between a large poor African American community (close to 80% in Baton Rouge) and everyone else. He said it's boiling over right now
  4. What hit?
  5. Shot clock incoming!
  6. rofl. I answered Yes by accident...I'm a watch on TV
  7. odd, there's another CDC based clan too called "happycanuck". Its too bad we didn't join forces.
  8. While the beginning of the interview was endearing, dare I say sweat, the more I listen to her the more ignorant she became. Her lack of listening skills were astonishing.
  9. My advice is to contact Paypal. Did you invoice him? Buyers can contest and get their money back from Paypal
  10. Just get rid of this guy already, so I don't have to read anymore on him. This keeps going on and feels like an ingrown toenail.
  11. Or he;s the sith...
  12. I find that JV looks small out there and needs to add weight if he's going to play a physical. If not, he will get injured. Anyone else?