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  1. Beth Bartkowski on TSN1040

    While the beginning of the interview was endearing, dare I say sweat, the more I listen to her the more ignorant she became.  Her lack of listening skills were astonishing.
  2. PayPal Scam?

    My advice is to contact Paypal. Did you invoice him?  Buyers can contest and get their money back from Paypal
  3. [Report] A Little More On The Future Of Prust.

    Just get rid of this guy already, so I don't have to read anymore on him.  This keeps going on and feels like an ingrown toenail.
  4. Star Wars: Force Awakens proper trailer released

    Or he;s the sith...
  5. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I find that JV looks small out there and needs to add weight if he's going to play a physical. If not, he will get injured. Anyone else?
  6. Amber Alert after Murder/Abduction in SW Alberta

    Hmm might be the wife's grandfather... anyway an update nonetheless.
  7. Amber Alert after Murder/Abduction in SW Alberta

    Grandfather is ok apparently... “Angry, sad. I don’t know what to feel. I have no idea how to take this – mad at a few people about some things and worried about my granddaughter,” Dunbar said.
  8. [PTO] Martin Havlat with Panthers

    I thought Ottawa invited him?
  9. Tesla Model S P85D Breaks CR's Testing Charts

    If it's anything like my rechargeable mower or my laptop, I'll pass. 2 years later, both of them barely holds a charge!
  10. American dentist slaughters Lion

    He killed a lot more than just a lion. Looks like rhinos, leopards etc... The guy is a real prize. The internet is blowing up on this guy, probably going to lose everything, good.
  11. Teen mob ransacks Walmart in Macon, Georgia

    I just feel bad for the Walmart workers. They get an awful wage and then have to deal with this crap.
  12. (DISCUSSION) Horvat for rookie of the year?

    Bo reminds me of Taves