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  1. 90% of my books are bagged and boarded. Many of them before I even owned them. I bought my bags and boards bulk from the states when our dollar was better then there's. I never use mylar. When I was hardcore into buying and selling, I used and a few other sites to validate pricing. However, I find that I rarely buy collections anymore, people are just too emotional or uneducated about pricing, they typically want too much. I typically tell them retail value, and then what I want to buy it at. I'd say for every 10 trips to see a collection, I buy 1.
  2. thanks for the postings everyone. Neat to see. I have approx 75,000 books. I've been collecting since I was 6. I now buy and sell as a hobby/small business. I've been speculating (buying up first appearances of characters hoping they appear in a movie). For example, I sold a first appearance of Howard the Duck 9.0 for $650 USD the day after he showed up in the post scene credits of GoTG 1. I bought it for $32 dollars.
  3. Terrarium TV/ Chromescast for TV/Movies (free). Google Music for streaming music (family plan is 14 bucks a month)
  4. build a bridge to Vancouver island!
  5. oh please leave! Ignorant red plates!
  6. Bravo on leading Finland! and Canada continues to follow...
  7. Julien coaches BORING hockey no thank you!
  8. Bro jake sucks that's why the hate! Super awkward vocal delivery and irrelevant sports questions.
  9. Why when you can post on CDC and ask?
  10. What a POS system they have for channel selection
  12. Disturbing, I have a friend who lives in that area. Things were already tense between a large poor African American community (close to 80% in Baton Rouge) and everyone else. He said it's boiling over right now
  13. What hit?
  14. Shot clock incoming!