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  1. Clash of clans- CDC clan

    I will follow your recommendation. However, I want to clarify that when I made my first request for was denied even though I had explained that I read about the clan from CDC and that I was a Canucks fan. *shrugs* It would've been nice if a reason was provided. Thanks for your response.
  2. Clash of clans- CDC clan

    Hi guys. So I saw this thread and decided to start the game in hopes of joining you guys. I started the game under the username "Muubi". I forgot what level I was at but about two weeks ago, I sent a request to join the clan "HappyCanuck" and was rejected by MikeHocho. No reason was provided to me. Some time after that, I was level 17 and I saw the clan had someone else that was level 17 so I thought I would qualify. Therefore, I sent another request to join. I received an invitation this time by I think "xCAPTAIN TACOx" but when I pressed to join, it said I was banned from the clan. Then like a day later I tried to press accept again and I finally joined. I put a message in the clan chat to say thanks for the invitation. Then...I dunno when exactly but I was kicked by "xCAPTAIN TACOx". Again no reason provided. I didn't make any donations yet at the time nor did I request support. So just wondering what exactly is meant by the clan's description when it says "...all welcome."? What exactly did I do wrong or didn't do? What do I need to do?