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  1. Will be at the game! Really looking forward to it
  2. I would start Lack until we officially clinch a playoff spot.
  3. Nooooo to Markstrom on Saturday! I will be going to that game and I want Lack! As do probably a lot of Winnipegers with his Moose connection.
  4. I actually had a dream the oilers beat LA 5-4 last night.... If it happens someone will be buying me a beer.
  5. I've been starting to sway in the same direction lately. If they can't offer a reasonable way to legally watch games then to hell with them. If they provided a legal avenue for viewing id surely take it.
  6. I don't know where you are seeing all these games. Sportsnet pacific blacks out every game in Winnipeg, only games I get to see now are the ones on HNIC. Compared to last year, way less games on tv since tsn used to pick some up. As far as nhl gamecenter, price has gone way up and there are no quarter season or single game rates. If I wanted to watch the remaining canucks games using gamecenter, I would be paying over $100 for about 6 games. Same goes with nhl centre ice on tv, $120 for the remaining canucks games with no prorated or single game rates. In terms of illegal streams, sure there has always been this option but they are ILLEGAL and brutal quality.
  7. Exactly this. Sportsnet has screwed canucks fans living outside of BC.
  8. New Rogers nhl tv deal is terrible for me in winnipeg. Have seen so few games this year, but I have the night off today so I've been trying to find a way to watch. Contacted shaw, my cable provider, it would cost $110 for the rest of the season with only 9 games left! No option to rent a single game either. This is brutal.
  9. I for one love goalie fights and totally agree with what you're saying about lack sticking up for the team. But the thought of lack fighting with the potential of getting injured in a fight makes me hope he stays away from that stuff at this point in the season. With Miller already out, an injury to Lack would almost certainly mean the Canucks missing the playoffs. Not trying to bash Markstrom by any means but I just don't see him being ready to take over the number one spot in a pressured moment in the season.
  10. Really getting tired of missing games. Thought the sportsnet deal would mean more televised games for me in winnipeg but not the case. I miss tsn coverage.
  11. Agree with you 100%.
  12. Am I the only one who thought we outplayed Calgary? Game coulda gone either way, lots of posts. If there were any blunders tonight I'd say it was Sbisa's play, but other than that a decent effort while Ortio and the goal posts playing well.
  13. I wonder what the Canucks record is in morning/afternoon games in the past few years. Seems as though they always struggle in them.
  14. Remember last year's moral victory over them? That is how you have to play the Kings if you want a chance of beating them. Don't let their size push our guys around. Canucks will need to flex their muscles once again.