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  1. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    ^Really ? Your expecting 90 points for the skinny kid who has never played a game in the NHL yet ? I would be happy with half that his 1st year.
  2. proposal Van, Buf

    Would take (7th)OA pick,Boeser & Juolevi. So, No thanks.
  3. Is Brock a Generational Talent?

    Franchise player yes ,generational no.
  4. Draft 2017 "What if....?"

    ^ This. Expecting fifth ,so any better is a bonus.
  5. Lovely New Face

    Face or phase ?????
  6. (Proposals) VAN - WSH and VAN - PIT

    Its called optimistic.
  7. (Proposals) VAN - WSH and VAN - PIT

    Do Gm's pay 1st rounders for players they are going to use on the 4th line ,No !! Thats what I'm saying ,Can you comprehend this ? I dont care about the Op's logic choices.
  8. (Proposals) VAN - WSH and VAN - PIT

    I dont think he is a 4th liner ,but that is where the op has him ......Try reading ,it helps before making dumbass calls.
  9. (Proposals) VAN - WSH and VAN - PIT

    Who pays a 1st rounder for a 4th liner ?
  10. Philip Larsen | #63 | D

    "get him outta here"
  11. Slew Foot Master Marchand

    French poodle.
  12. Stop feeding us bull

    He makes a general assessment ,If you havnt noticed this ,you need to open your eyes."Quote that"
  13. (Article) Eriksson terrible signing.

    Rubbish signing.
  14. Tryamkin a 265 pound cure for the powerplay?

    Willie and the last two coaches..