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  1. ^ This. Expecting fifth ,so any better is a bonus.
  2. Face or phase ?????
  3. Its called optimistic.
  4. Do Gm's pay 1st rounders for players they are going to use on the 4th line ,No !! Thats what I'm saying ,Can you comprehend this ? I dont care about the Op's logic choices.
  5. I dont think he is a 4th liner ,but that is where the op has him ......Try reading ,it helps before making dumbass calls.
  6. Who pays a 1st rounder for a 4th liner ?
  7. "get him outta here"
  8. French poodle.
  9. He makes a general assessment ,If you havnt noticed this ,you need to open your eyes."Quote that"
  10. Rubbish signing.
  11. Willie and the last two coaches..
  12. Atleast Salo was reliable in his own end..
  13. Tanev = Kane & 1st Tanev = Brown &1st.
  14. The reason why no one understands this move is because no one here knows the actual facts.