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  1. They should have played them better considering Blues played last night and Nucks were well rested. The defence was way off tonight, really weird considering how well they've played lately?
  2. Nice turnover in overtime Sutter, thanks for the lose. Sigh.......
  3. Don't worry guys they paid lots of money to Bartowski and Sbisa to save the day..........., oh wait?
  4. lol Good call jstewboy, still love the video.
  5. With the line up they iced tonight i'm surprised it's not ten nothing already? LOL
  6. Canucks defence still has terrible gap control in their own zone, and that's my big worry.
  7. I still can't believe people are drinking the Sbisa coolaid , this guy is not a legit long term NHL calibre defencemen.
  8. What will the Canucks team look like when the Sedins retire? Just Kidding, ................They will probably still suck?
  9. I still can't believe with all the trouble they've had with no trade contracts that he gave another to one Sutter? Boggles the mind?
  10. I think the real question should be is he worth the money?
  11. Bahahahahaha................Oh wait your serious?
  12. This ^^^
  13. BOOOOOOOoooooooo! Oh sorry that's not a grade? How about a Z-