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  1. Letter to Mike Gillis Re. Luongo

    Well written! I used to be a Mike Gillis supporter. But have lost faith in his ability slowly over the past 2 seasons. Right now is a low point for him.
  2. Wii U Mario & Luigi Bundle on sale @ RCSS - $189

    I got this deal on saturday at superstore. Also picked up WII U Party game which comes with 1 controller. I paid $240 no tax event. Got lucky it was the last one there and I wasn't even there for this deal. Just saw it while window shopping the gaming section lol
  3. Anybody see where Henrik Sedin went!! And S.Couturier signed with me in off season
  4. Hahaha I would expect him to be more pissed because Kane is on the list loll
  5. Hey RW98 here Looks like Vancouver is still available, I will take them.
  6. any longshoreman here?

    Keep checking there website.