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  1. Why don't you guys go through the list and actually compare their previous listed weights to the ones in the post, instead of just focusing on a player that gained one pound...
  2. I think for any players that didn't attend it would be old measurements. Comparing the weights of the players that attended to old numbers it seems updated.
  3. Haven't seen anybody link this article from Last Word on Sports http://lastwordonsports.com/2014/06/02/2014-nhl-combine-heights-weights/
  4. Did nobody else see him get slashed by Eberle last night with about 2 minutes left in the 3rd? Laid on the ice then hobbled to the bench. He finished the game, I think one more shift, but he took a slash right above the back of his skate. Looked similar to the Kassian/Gagner slash in the way Eberle spun around, just obviously not quite as serious.
  5. LA and I can't connect to each other at all, tried every different way yesterday and today. We've decided to just let our series sim, so whenever you're deciding to sim to the next round, don't worry about our series.
  6. Supposed to be playing LA tonight, don't know if we'll finish the series or not but if we don't I'd assume we will tomorrow.
  7. Should I as well, we still have a game too.
  8. I still haven't heard anything at all from LA, cool with you guys if I just play his AI?
  9. Did, still waiting to hear back from him at some point.
  10. LA when can you play? We're tied in the standings, I'd say it's a pretty important game that should get played. Haven't heard from you at all.
  11. I'll be home from work around 9 PST, let's play our game?
  12. Makes sense, I won't play any AI's that have a reasonable chance of making it though.
  13. So that's the rule? If we have a game that's against a team that's not close to making the playoffs we can play their AI? Because I have a couple games I've been waiting to play, and haven't heard from them at all. Also have a game against LA, who is 2 points ahead of me in the standings. Play me bud!
  14. Van will be on pretty quick here, available for a couple hours.
  15. Vancouver will be on after the Canucks game.