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  1. '1) Courtnall scoring in game 6 of 1994 SCF, not called a goal then Rangers scored. After video review, Courtnall's goal was allowed and the Canucks went on to Game 7. 2) Burrows scoring the OT winner against Chciago. "Slayed the Dragon" 3) Game 6 loss against Boston in 2011 SCF. 4) Meeting Trevor Linden and getting him to autograph my white Sitck in the Rink retro jersey. He was addressing the Prince George Chamber of Commerce meeting during the training camp held there. I walked in wearing my jersey and saw him in the corner of the room. I decided that I needed to take the opportunity to talk to him and started walking towards him. At the same time, he started walking back to the centre of the room. I thought that he was going to walk right by me, but he came directly to me and said that he wanted to meet the best dressed man in the room. 5) Not directly a Canuck memory, but I went to a Canucks game against Florida wearing my Linden jersey. After the game went to a bar in Cocoanut Grove (Miami) still wearing the jersey. A buff guy walked up to me and asked if I was from Vancouver. I said that I lived about 500 miles north of there. He then said that he played for the BC Lions. Not recognizing him, I asked his name. He said "Buck Pierce" and showed me his Grey Cup ring that he won that year as the QB. He also said that Trevor give him the same jersey that I had because they both wore #16. The first three I attended the games. Obviously, number 3 was not a good memory but I still enjoyed the trip and experiencing my second game 6 of a SCF with the Canucks playing. I'm 1 and 1 so far, hopefully the third time will be the charm. I'm thinking that I am probably the only paying fan to see both Game 6's.
  2. 4 to 3 for the Canucks St Louis scores first Bozak with the first goal
  3. Life long Canucks fan, but have only been playing Predict the Score for a short time. Need to get points to climb up the standings so am putting in upsets. Nothing to lose so why not? For more serious betting like, Canucks all the way.
  4. 1 - 0 for San Jose Canucks with more penalty minutes Pearson the final goal (from the Arizona game)
  5. 3-2 for Winnipeg in shootout. Petey with more points Connor with shootout game winner
  6. I'm thinking the Victoria game will have 5 or 6 NHL regulars while the Calgary game will have 1 or 2. Calgary will do the opposite. The only thing that I am sure of is that Benn will be playing in Victoria and will be wearing n "A". Will likely take the ceremonial pre game face off.
  7. Agree that travelling with a family adds a lot to the cost as well as tickets/food/drinks/etc. I always get a little upset when people complain about the cost of BC Ferries. Clearly the cheapest option for getting off the island when compared to other ferries and flying. FYI, to walk on it currently costs $17.46 and the bus/Canada Line is $3.00 on weekends.
  8. Prince George - Yes. Terrace - never. Too small arena and not a large enough population to draw from. Besides they had a Hockeyville game a few years ago. Nanaimo - only if they built a new arena Kamloops - Yes
  9. It's not the cost of the ferries that makes a trip to Vancouver expensive. Can walk on and take the bus and Canada Line to downtown for just over $20. It is the cost of hotels that makes it expensive. More afternoon games would be nice.
  10. I've done this trip several times and may be doing the same this year. Lots of options depending on how much time you have, cash resources and the desire to drive in LA. If you have the time, a reliable vehicle and multiple drivers, I would drive. No need for a rental car and the cost associated. If flying, expect return airfares to be around to be around $400 to $500 including the San Jose leg. If you fly, SNA is a good option. Smaller airport, sometimes cheaper than LAX and probably cheaper for rental cars. Last time I rented a car at LAX I was told that purchasing the CDW was mandatory even though I had coverage through my Visa. That was through a smaller off site rental company that I will never use again. Sorry can't remember the name. Best sticking with a major brand even if the cost is higher. I would stay in the Anaheim area unless you want to be near the beaches. Don't forget that the accommodation costs will increase the closer you get the city centre or beaches. Sometimes hotels are cheaper around Disneyland as there is a high number of them and it will be off season. I would also consider Airbnb or Vrbo. Give yourself lots of time for travel to downtown LA. There are lots of bars and restaurants near Staples Center. No need getting stuck in LA rush hour traffic. Parking close by for $15. Other considerations are other events in area. I was there last year when the Dodgers were in the World Series and the Rams, Galaxy and Kings were playing so it was crazy. Tickets for the Kings vs Rangers game were dirt cheap on Stub Hub. While on the topic of tickets, I also check Stub Hub and do a comparison to Ticket Master. Sometimes you can get Stub Hub tickets for less than Ticket Master face value. Expect the crowd to be at least 1/4 Canucks fans so tickets will be in demand. If you fly to SNA or LAX then flying to to San Jose would be required. Otherwise it is a 6 to 8 hour drive depending on which route you took. Again lots of accommodation options as well as transportation options. It is a lot easy getting around San Jose compared to LA. Unless there are considerable savings, I would fly into and out San Jose. Other airports are in San Francisco and Oakland but ground transportation is more difficult. Again, lots of bars and restaurants near the arena. Hopefully this helps, let me know if you have any questions.