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  1. Price was pitching well in his first start of the series. I question if Goins hadn't been the goat on that pay in short right field if the Jays would have lost that game. Could, shoulda, woulda been up 3-2 rather than down 3 -2.
  2. Stupid thing to say for a broadcaster.
  3. I missed it. What did Reynolds say?
  4. It is hard to get excited about watching early season hockey after witnessing some of these baseball games. You never know when you will see something like this happen again for the Blue Jays.
  5. I am not impressed with John Gibbons management of this situation. Zaun and Tabler were playing good cocop/bad cop after the game. There was no need to lift Dickey with his pitch count only at 76 and probably good into the 90s. I can see potentially giving Price some work as that was only his 2nd appearance in a game in something like 15 days and his game 1 layoff was way too long, but not an appearance as early as it was. Potentially the only thing it does for the Blue Jays, if they win on Wednesday, is set Price up as the starter on Friday with 3 days' rest or Saturday with 4 days' rest.[ quote name=oldnews" post="12995102" timestamp="1444693410] Maybe that's what crafty o' Gibby is thinking - this way he doesn't have to use Price, who hasn't matched up great against this club - and the decision is 'out of his hands' now...
  6. Absolutely. Donaldson and Bautista are in the lineup. Beltre is out for the Rangers. Hopefully, Stroman won't be too psyched up.[ quote name=CANUCK-EXPRESS" post="12988831" timestamp="1444401319] I feel like who ever wins this game, wins the series.
  7. I believe Price was scheduled to pitch one day last weekend. Not to flog a dead horse, but Gibbons letting the players party like rock stars and being part of it himself and taking two games off and not pitching Price may be the teams' downfall. The blown Osuna save may have been moot. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Bad managing.
  8. The team has rest days coming up, today for starters. Yesterday's game could have been a rest day too. I still would rather them face a team to start with that was forced to start their ace in the wild card game.
  9. I am not crying. Read what I said to start with. Anyone with any semblance of intelligence who knew anything about the game would concur with what I said. You know what makes a stock market: A difference of opinion. I will leave it at that.
  10. I couldn't agree with you less.
  11. That may be the dumbest coaching decision I have ever seen. I thought there was no "I" in team. Not only does Buerhle end his career on that note, the Blue Jays will lose 4 out of their last 5 games. As I said last night, they should have tempered their celebration in Baltimore and continued to play their starters.
  12. Time will tell, but they could have had both. It ain't over 'til its over.
  13. The thing is Buehrle just started on Friday and will be coming off one day rest.
  14. Gibbons said after tonight's game that Buehrle may start and maybe they can get 4 innings out of him. WTF! He started on Friday and is coming off one day's rest.