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    Canucks.. duhhh
  1. Hello there how's it going.:)

  2. HAHA! yeah, go impress mike green with your soccer skills =]

    that's awesome. playing with ppl 2-4 yrs older than you. WAY TO GO! lol.

  3. pretty fun lol lots of soccer! and hung out with my used to be boyfriend.. he used to be then.. now hes a ex.. :(

    but yeah lots of soccer and prtys.. lol

    i got offered to play oon the 16-18 girls metro soccr team! thats 2 - 4 years older than me and they go to lik edmonton and seattle! and washington! see me and mike green are MENT TO BE! <3!!

  4. i'm finally back. YEY! CANUCKS ARE DOING WELL!! my vacation was awesome. how was ur spring break?

    YES!! CANUCKS BEAT THE SHARKS. and had another 4 game win streak =]

  5. ugh its sooo boring

  6. canuckbuddy!! cdc is no fun anymore :o

  7. oh thats pretty cool! omg hey canucks won last night! that was great!! hows your vacation goin?

  8. well, i know how HE feels. i was actually born in england. i came to canada like 4 and a half years ago.

  9. oh sweet! ive been t england in kindagarten.. lol long time ago :P

    omg i miss him so much! i wish he had never moved :(

  10. aww. that sucks. OMG! I'M GOING TO ENGLAND TOMORROW. for 2 weeks =]

    well, i'm going to england for a week, and then saudi arabia for another week =]

  11. ok.. my best friend colton jus moved away tho... :(

  12. haha, i forgot to add: u?

  13. lol. uhh..life's going good. report cards out for our school tomorrow. =P

    omg...i'm so tired...

  14. sam. anyway... hows life goin? lol

  15. lol. i keep most of my more controversial comments to myself too. lol.