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  1. GIVE IT UP, Canucks don't need BMO haha.

  2. Maybe not as much of a troll as I thought, But you sure have wasted a lot of time here in the last month.

  3. Yeah lol I've got lots of Parksville stories from over the years. Im glad to see you supporting your Canucks way out in England!:D ttyl, time to get some homework done before the big game

  4. I love the passion this team has shown this year for sure. Yeah I'm from Nanaimo just moved over to Burnaby for school though. Thats random you have family there lol, as I noticed you were from England!! Anyways take care/ GO CANUCKS GO

  5. Haha yeah, it's funny. I'm glad the team shows some passion though.

    You're from Nanaimo eh? I've been there a fair few times, my family lives there :)

  6. Awesome sig lol. Burns is the only one jumping like a kid I love it

  7. Troll enough lately you dumb yank. Do yourself a favour and pull the trigger. Were you rejected from the Hawks board and needed to feel a part of something. Shoot yourself - History will be made

  8. GET me a Pitchfork!!! I am freaking MAD

  9. jump off a bridge... and then drag yourself back to the top and jump again... :)

  10. 2 sedins 1 cup hahaha thats hilarious

  11. Yeah it all works today, right on. I'm going to have a request or two lol.

  12. my links on my profile? my site links? If so, the service has been down today, should be up at around 11 pm, or 12 in the morning :)

  13. Hey your links not workin bro

  14. Trevor Linden - Captain Canuck

    Very nice wallpaper. Good job